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Terms and Conditions

Imaging Services terms and conditions follow.

1 Preservation
Imaging Services will provide copies and images on a single page basis in accordance with the British Library's preservation policy. 

Imaging Services reserves the right to provide an alternative format of a copy if the original item is not suitable for the reproduction process specified by the customer although this will usually only happen after consultation with the customer.

2 Pre-Payment
Non-account orders placed with Imaging Services must be paid for in advance.

3 Turnaround Times
The turnaround times quoted are from receipt of a correctly completed Order Form to the time that the completed order is dispatched to the customer. Turnaround times do not include Saturdays, Sundays, or English Public Holidays and are subject to the following conditions:
3.1 That the requested item is held within the British Library's collections and is available for retrieval at the time the order is processed and does not require special treatment because of age, fragility or security of the requested item.
3.2 That the customer has provided full and clear bibliographic details.
3.3 That the order details are legible, correct and complete.
3.4 That difficult to handle material, large orders and special requirements will fall outside of the advertised turnaround times and prices, and will be agreed with the customer.

4 Order Details
If the customer has failed to complete the required bibliographic information, or fails to respond to a request for additional information, Imaging Services reserves the right to cancel the order at the point of receipt.

5 Incorrect Item Charge
Imaging Services reserves the right to charge the full advertised price of any incorrect item supplied as a result of the bibliographic information supplied by the customer.

6 Order Calculation
6.1 VAT: EU customers registered for VAT are required to quote their VAT registration number at the time of placing an order. Imaging Services reserves the right to charge an administration fee if subsequently required to send a replacement invoice where: the customer has not included the VAT number or failed to include VAT with their pre-payment.
6.2 Imaging Services reserves the right to charge the relevant higher price where the amount calculated by the customer is less than the cost of the order.
6.3 If you pay by cheque, due to the administrative costs involved Imaging Services is unable to refund amounts of £5 or less.

7 Cancellation Charge
If the customer cancels an order after Imaging Services has begun to process it, Imaging Services reserves the right to charge the customer a cancellation fee of £20.

8 Unfulfilled Order
Where Imaging Services is unable to fulfill an order (or part thereof) no charge for the order (or part thereof) will be made to the customer.

9 Quality Control
If the copy supplied is of a poor quality for any other reason not related to the condition of the original item, Imaging Services will offer a replacement copy without any additional cost to the customer.

If the customer has a query with their completed order, the must contact Customer Services within 60 days of receipt of order. After such time, Imaging Services reserves the right to charge the cost of a new order.

10 Delivery Responsibility
Imaging Services will not accept responsibility for delay, non-delivery or damage incurred by UK, European or International Postal Services.

11 Copyright
The British Library is committed to respecting the intellectual property rights of others. Intellectual property rights may subsist in material offered or supplied by Imaging Services. The British Library does not warrant that the use of material supplied by Imaging Services will not infringe upon the rights of third parties. It is your responsibility to determine and satisfy copyright and other use conditions before requesting reproductions of material from Imaging Services. Under UK copyright law material published after circa 1874, or material that is unpublished may be subject to intellectual property rights and you will be required to establish that either; copyright has expired, that your use of the material is permitted under an exception or limitation in UK or international copyright law or you have obtained permission from the copyright holder. If the material and your use of the material is restricted by UK or international copyright law you will be required to supply evidence that permission has been obtained from the copyright holder.

Requests for a complete reproduction of material that is in copyright will require written copyright permission from the copyright holder before Imaging Services will accept the Order Form. The Customer must supply the original permission from the copyright holder (photocopies are not acceptable).

12 Permission to Reproduce

Separate to any permission required by the copyright holder, in regards to physical items that are no longer in copyright, in the event that any intellectual property rights arise in (i) digital images (created by the British Library) of physical items that are no longer in copyright, or (ii) in the arrangement and selection of digital images (created by the British Library) of physical items that are no longer in copyright, the British Library owns all right, title and interest in such works and any intellectual property rights associated therewith, if any, throughout the world for the full term for which such rights subsist (including extensions and renewals).

Unless permitted by licence or UK copyright law any further use of material prior is subject to written permission from the British Library and / or the copyright holder.

Customers wishing to reproduce supplied material should apply to British Library Permissions for the applicable fees.

13 Price Changes
Imaging Services reserves the right to change the prices as published.

14 Force Majeure
Imaging Services shall not be liable for any delay or failure to fulfill orders by reason of Force Majeure events.

15 Customer Responsibility
If you are ordering on behalf of a third party you agree to communicate these terms and conditions to them.