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Permissions: need to know

In common with all other heritage image libraries, the British Library charges fees for the reproduction of images from its collection for such uses as inclusion in publications, exhibitions, marketing campaigns and public electronic media.

If you are purchasing an image for one off, personal use you do not have to seek permission.

If you wish to reproduce our images, you will need to obtain our permission. 

Obtaining permission is also known as clearing reproduction rights to the image(s). More information on permissions is available in our FAQs.

Please get in touch for our current prices.
NB: The Library will impose a £5.00 administration fee for all cancellations. A fee will not be charged if the error is made by the Library.

To apply for Reproduction Rights please complete our Permissions Application form and email to For help in completing the form, please refer to our Guidance notes.

For all other Permissions enquires please do contact us.