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Collaboration with the London School of Economics

Researchers and scholars using official publications from western European governments are benefiting from world class collaboration between the British Library and the Library of the London School of Economics and Political Science.

LSE collaboration: official publications from Western European governments

The official publications collections are a particularly rich and practical source of social, economic and political information of various kinds - statistical data, research reports, policy documents, parliamentary debates, legislation.

So far the collaboration has enabled both institutions to optimise their investment in, and to extend the range of, the collections and services they provide for social scientists from this country and abroad. The two organisations recognised the complementary nature of their collections: LSE's collection is strongest in statistical series, while the British Library's strengths have been in official gazettes, parliamentary and other policy material.

A major part of collaboration has been achieved following the completion of the audit of German material: for the post-war Allied Control Council and Zonal Administrations (1945 - 1949), the German Democratic Republic (1949 - 1990) and the Federal Republic of Germany (1949 - ).

For those interested in the economic, social and political aspects of life in a Cold War context, there is much to be found here. From constitutional, parliamentary and judicial regimes to the Berlin Blockade; from a picture of the administration and growing disintegration of Allied control to the setting up of two new states with different visions of living; from detailed statistical accounts of every aspect of life to the broad sweep of newspaper records, these collections provide a fascinating window on a pivotal phase of European history.

Other achievements to date include:

  • collection audits completed by both partners and descriptions available include those fore Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland and Portugal
  • where the audit and descriptions are complete, gaps in collections being filled and new titles being acquired to improve collection coverage and balance.

The benefits already realised for researchers include:

  • improved access to materials through more comprehensive coverage and enhanced resource discovery tools
  • detailed holdings information which can be seen at a glance in one place
  • appropriate preservation of publications for future generations.

Access to the Partners' Libraries

For those who prefer to make a personal visit, both libraries' websites indicate which location a researcher should go to for a particular series, historical or current in addition to collection descriptions and a link to admissions procedures. There is a fast track access to the LSE Library for existing British Library reader's pass holders.

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