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Mapping dangerous spaces, June 2009

Read postgraduate working papers from the Mapping Dangerous Spaces symposium.

Find out more about current research which interrogates conventional representations of crime and danger.

A one-day postgraduate symposium was held at the British Library in June 2009, organised in collaboration with colleagues at the University of Kent. It brought together 100 interdisciplinary researchers to discuss how we represent crime and danger, particularly in terms of mapping activities.

The day stimulated a great deal of debate about how we represent spaces which are deemed to be 'dangerous' through various forms of social and cultural representation.

Keynote papers were given by:

  • Peter Barber, Head of Map Collections at the British Library;
  • Dr Kate O'Brien, Lecturer in Criminology at the University of Kent;
  • Dr Alex Warwick, Head of Department of English, Linguistics and Cultural Studies at the University of Westminster; and
  • Dr Alessandro Scafi, Lecturer in Medieval and Renaissance Cultural history at the Warburg Institute, University of London

A full list of presenters and abstracts is available.

Twenty-four postgraduate papers were presented by researchers from across the UK. Working-paper versions of some of these papers are provided below as an example of new research which challenges orthodox understandings of how we think about, and represent, crime and danger. These working-papers demonstrate a range of approaches which interrogate conventional representations of fear, security and violence.

Fran Cetti, University of East London
Asylum, the 'Global Alien' and the Discourse of Danger: Mapping an Emerging European 'Security State'
(pdf file)

Jonathan Cranfield, University of Kent
Sherlock's Slums: Mapping Dangerous Spaces in Conan Doyle and The Strand Magazine
(pdf file)

Janet Bowstead, London Metropolitan University
Mapping the forced migration of women fleeing domestic violence
(pdf file)

Sylvia Meichsner, University of Essex
Tijuana B.C.: Myth and reality of a dangerous space
(pdf file)

Youngsook Choi, Kings College London
Endangered Gender: Gendered Surveillance in Transgender People's Everyday Spaces
(pdf file)

These items are available for you to download and read, but must not be cited without the author's permission. 

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