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Myths and Realities podcasts: Migration and integration

Listen to presentations and read our speakers' notes from our first Myths and Realities public debate, held on 15 September 2009. 

Speakers from the Refugee Council, the Centre for Population Studies and Oxford University described some of the evidence behind the stories and assumptions made about the nature and impact of migration to the UK. The event was chaired by Professor Avtar Brah, School of Continuing Education, Birkbeck University.

Professor Michael Keith

Listen: Michael Keith on migration and integration (MP3, 21 min, 14MB)

Michael Keith is the Director of COMPAS (Centre on Migration Policy and Society), Oxford University, and was a Commissioner on the National Commission on Integration and Cohesion. In this presentation, Michael describes the background and work of the Commission, in the context of global migration trends and of local expectations and experiences of migration. 

Professor Ludi Simpson

Listen: Ludi Simpson on migration and integration (MP3, 22 min, 15MB)

Ludi Simpson is Professor of Population Studies at the University of Manchester. His research interests include population forecasts, the quality and conduct of censuses, and the racialisation of statistics. This presentation introduces themes and findings from his recent book, 'Sleepwalking to segregation'? Challenging myths about race and migration (written with Nissa Finney), published by Polity Press. 

Donna Covey

Listen: Donna Covey on migration and integration (MP3, 18 min, 13MB)

Donna is director of the Refugee Council, the largest organisation in the UK working with asylum seekers and refugees. She describes the problems experienced by refugees and asylum seekers in the UK, and the effect of negative images of refugees in popular discussions. This presentation also outlines some of the difficulties presented to refugees and asylum seekers by recent policy decisions.

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