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Myths and Realities podcasts: Making sense of risk

Download presentations from the public debate held at the British Library Conference Centre on 18 November 2009. The Myths and Realities series is sponsored by the Academy of Social Sciences and Economic and Social Research Council in conjunction with the British Library.

The debate was chaired by Sir Bill Callaghan, Chair of the Legal Services Commission.

Professor Bridget Hutter

Listen: A delicate balance: a social science perspective on risk regulation (MP3, 16 min, 11MB)

Professor Bridget Hutter, Professor of Risk Regulation and Director of the ESRC Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation, London School of Economics and Political Science. This presentation discusses the regulation of risk with reference to the financial crisis. Professor Hutter describes the context in which regulation happens, public tolerance of risk and attitudes towards regulation.

Professor Jenny Kitzinger

Listen: Professor Jenny Kitzinger on making sense of risk (MP3, 18 min, 12MB)

Professor Jenny Kitzinger, Director of Research, School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies, Cardiff University. Professor Kitzinger focuses on the presentation of health and science stories in news media, and how that influences public perception of risk in different technologies and activities. She discusses what motivates reporters to choose particular stories and ways of reporting, and also the wider context within which people consume and react to those stories. 

Professor Neil Budworth

Listen: Professor Neil Budworth on making sense of risk (MP3, 23 min, 16MB)

Professor Neil Budworth, Corporate Health and Safety Manager for E.On UK and past president of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health. The factors that affect recognition and perception of risks are discussed. Professor Budworth also addresses the apparent contradiction between a desire not to be put at risk and the resistance to approaches that appear over-restrictive.

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Myths and Realities public debates are jointly sponsored by the British Library, Economic and Social Research Council and the Academy of Social Sciences.

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