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Beautiful Science

Beautiful Science is a free exhibition at the British Library that explores how picturing scientific data can provide new insight into our lives, our origins and our planet. The exhibition and events runs from 20 February until 26 May 2014.

Visualising data is fundamental to scientific understanding, communication and discovery. Straddling the interface of science, art and graphic design, Beautiful Science shows how scientific concepts have been encapsulated in images, past and present. Linking classic diagrams, maps and graphs with cutting-edge digital graphics by today’s scientists, Beautiful Science demonstrates the beauty, power and intellectual insight derived from the visualisation of data.

From serious debate to comedy shows and science activities, the Beautiful Science events season is designed to make you think. Highlights include:

  • Sciencetastic! Family Discovery Day: A day of free and fabulous science activities, with scientists from the Science Museum, skeletons from the Grant Museum, mathematicians, musicians and storytellers all to take you on an interactive scientific voyage of exploration, amazement and wonder!
  • Festival of the Spoken Nerd: I Chart The Library: with stand-up mathematician Matt Parker, geeky songstress Helen Arney and experiments maestro Steve Mould. Join them for an evening of live comedy, music and data for the sci-curious.
  • Counting Sheep: The Science of Sleep: Professor Vince Walsh is joined by Professor Russell Foster and other sleep experts for an interactive evening of science, art and improvised opera exploring the stuff that dreams are made of.
  • Seeing is Believing: Picturing the Nation’s Health: Explore how picturing health information can change lives, and join the discussion on our perception of risk when it comes to our health. With UK Chief Medical Officer Sally Davies and David Spiegelhalter.

There are many other events besides these, with something for everyone. You can see the full listing of events and book tickets via the Box Office.

For one year only, Beautiful Science replaces our annual Inspiring Science season of events. Highlights of Inspiring Science 2013 can be found here.

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