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Conscious Evolution, Mona Choo

Acrylic rods, mixed media








Humans, as agents of consciousness, are the ones to give significance and meaning to information, turning it into knowledge through a process of absorption, manipulation, evolution and distribution. After a short time or perhaps many centuries, that information returns to the library as an evolution of itself. Everyone who visits the Library therefore has in some way contributed to its content.

New knowledge is built on foundations of the old, and what eventually forms is a web of human knowledge and existence, connecting the past to the present and person to person.

Mona’s current practice aims to give consciousness and its interconnectedness a physical form, an interpretation of the concept of us being plugged into a greater intelligence - Universal consciousness. She has been especially inspired by the theories of quantum physics. She believes our interconnectedness is a key element in a world that is becoming more and more fragmented in thinking and behaviour.