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Nano map or Zen garden: New Technological Frontiers, Nedyalka Panova

Mixed media






Nedyalka’s work is inspired by the British Library’s Maps collection, where beauty and science can be found combining joyfully together. The scale used in maps is a key factor and the actual features maps portray are enormously decreased in scale. On the other hand, on a nano-scale the relief of the top of a pin could be as complex as this of a mountain summit. This is explored in Nano-Map or Zen Garden, through which her recent research into nanotechnology has given her a different way to look at our world, where science is a potent factor for changing the environment and the economy.

In Play the Game, Nedyalka links maps to games on the nano-scale. Strategic games such as Chess, Checkers and Go are based on the idea of conquering ground. Modern computer games such as the Civilization series are based on the same concept but use geographical and historical references as their playing board. In this work, individual atoms are the game pieces.