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Development of RIC functionality for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010 is now underway with a beta release due in March 2011.

The RIC 1.0 is an application built using the Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007 Platform. The binaries and source code have been made publicly available on codeplex to encourage experimentation and use to develop the RIC’s foundation templates. The British Library has provided the code for a number of new plugins for data resources and literature search. Although the RIC 1.0 is still available for download, it is no longer being actively developed by the BL or Microsoft. If you are keen to deploy the RIC 1.0 framework then please contact for further guidance and advice.

If you are considering development of a virtual research environment based on Sharepoint 2010, we strongly recommend you wait for the new RIC binaries and source code to become available in Spring 2011.

To find out more about how to download the source code to RIC V1.0, please visit the RIC page on Codeplex.

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