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RIC functionality for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010   

Development of new RIC functionality for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010 is now underway with a beta release due in March 2011. The development of RIC toolkits on SharePoint 2010 is more modular compared to RIC 1.0 and consists of a number of web parts and templates that can be added as required. This opens up many more opportunities for tailoring collaborative resources and tools to specific research disciplines. The new RIC toolkits will enable a research team to choose from a range of plug-ins to create a unique virtual research environment that suits their needs.

Microsoft and the British Library are funding the development of the core features, based upon the aspects of RIC 1.0 that were considered most useful eg federated search and project templates. In addition to this, RIC community members are also providing a number of kits consisting of web parts that meet the needs of research disciplines. These kits include the following features: 

  • Data Management - Generic + Domains + Data Types
  • Scientific Workflow Management
  • Meta-Search
  • Repository Integration
  • Personal Site Extension (Bibliography, CV)

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