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Our next TalkScience@BL event

Biotech on the Farm: Food for Thought?

30 September 2014 6pm

Price: £5 (pre-booking required)

How to book: Box office

The UN has predicted that global demand for meat will increase by 73% between 2010 and 2050. It’s clear that feeding this growing appetite for meat using current production methods will have significant environmental impacts, from greenhouse gas emissions to desertification of land and that something is going to have to give. But what are we willing to change? Biotechnologies such as genetic modification have been a controversial subject for the last few decades, but what about genetically modified livestock? Could they be a useful tool in maintaining our supply of meat and making meat production more sustainable? If so, will we ever be able to get over our fears about the technology to eat GM meat? What about other technologies like the “stem cell burger”? Or should we all simply eat less meat?

Join us at our next TalkScience event where chair Catherine De Lange (New Scientist) is joined by Professor Helen Sang (Roslin Institute), Vicki Hird (Friends of the Earth) and Professor Richard Tiffin (University of Reading) to discuss what the future of meat production should look like. Tickets are available to book from the Box Office.


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