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Our next TalkScience@BL event

Fishing and marine protection: What’s the catch?

23rd June 2015, 18:30 (Doors open at 18:00)

Price: £5 (pre-booking required)

How to book: Box Office

Ten per cent of the world's population depend on the fishing industry for their livelihoods. However, global overfishing has resulted in diminishing stocks and widespread environmental damage. With an ever increasing appetite for fish how can we balance our daily demand with a sustainable supply? We will ask: What are the impacts of fishing on the marine environment? How do policies such as marine protected areas and fishing quotas affect sea-life and fishermen? Must conservation and consumption always be at odds? How will global environmental change affect our answers to these questions?

Come and discuss the issues with our expert panel including: marine conservation scientist and author Professor Callum Roberts; Barrie Deas, Chief Executive of the National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations and Dr Alasdair Harris, Executive Director of Blue Ventures. The discussion will be chaired by biologist, writer and broadcaster Dr Helen Scales. Tickets are available to book for the Box Office.


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