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TalkScience@BL event, October 2011

Health in the Headlines: Making Sense of the Science?

A discussion with Tracey Brown, 18 October 2011

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Tracey Brown is the Director of the charitable trust Sense about Science, which equips people to make sense of science and evidence on issues that matter to society. It promotes the principle of independent peer review and scientific enquiry free from stigma, intimidation and political pressure.

Discussion points on the night included:

  • We’re bombarded by health news, advice columns, medical websites and health products. But whose responsibility is it to ensure the public have access to the evidence – or lack of it - behind them?
  • Does increasing free access to medical information online lead to a better informed public?
  • What information sources should we trust amongst this ever expanding coverage of the latest health research and why?
  • And how can researchers, patients, charities and others help to promote good evidence and tackle misleading claims?

On the night the JISC funded Patients Participate! Project also launched the findings of their 7 month feasibility study on how to bridge the gap between  Information Access and Understanding in Health Research. This project brought the British Library, UKOLN and the Association of Medical Research Charities together in partnership to explore the potential for developing a useful body of literature for patients and the public interested in biomedical research.

You can download some of the outputs of this project from our Projects Page.



Menu image: James King-Holmes/Science Photo Library