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TalkScience@BL, September 2009

TalkScience@BL: Engage, Inform, Debate, Inspire

Personal GenoME and Medicine: Hype or Reality?

A discussion with Alan Ashworth

September 2009

Alan Ashworth, fellow of the Royal Society and director of the Breakthrough Toby Robins Breast Cancer Research Centre introduced the discussion.

Listen now to a podcast of Alan's introduction.

On the night we considered a range of issues including:

• Can cheaper and easier access to personal genomic information really lead to a revolution in the targeting and tailoring of therapeutics?

• Will healthcare systems be able to adapt to ensure personalised medicine is a future reality rather than hype?

• Can the successes of personalised cancer medicine be replicated for other diseases?

• Are Direct-to-Consumer tests the future of genome-inspired healthcare or simply a flash in the pan?

• Without effective interventions, is ‘genetic self-knowledge’ merely a burden?

• Are post-genomic technologies outstripping the law? Are gene patents ever justified?

• Do we need a new brand of ‘personalised ethics’?

We have set up a dedicated forum on Nature Networks where you can participate in post-event discussion. There we have set out a few thoughts to keep the discussion going, but please feel free to raise your own issues.

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