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TalkScience@BL, September 2008

TalkScience@BL: Engage, Inform, Debate, Inspire

Scientific Researchers and Web 2.0: Social NotWorking?

A discussion with Timo Hannay, 24th September 2008

Dr Timo Hannay, director of, delivered an authoritative introduction to the development of interactive, web-based services designed to facilitate the work of scientists.  

The lively discussion covered issues around sharing and openness in science and the changing nature of scientific communications. What became apparent is that scientific information is evolving from what was once a corpus of knowledge written in books and journals to a network of linked and varied resources. This change is bringing with it new challenges around sharing, IP and how science and scientists are evaluated and attributed.  

We were very excited to co-host the event in Nature’s Conference Centre in Second Life, which worked very well - many thanks to the Nature team for helping to make that happen. 

You can read or listen to Timo’s talk on Nascent and continue the discussion on the Nature Network forum.