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TalkScience@BL, December 2008

TalkScience@BL: Engage, Inform, Debate, Inspire

Infectious Disease: What can evolution do for us?

December 2008

‘Multiply, vary let the strongest live and the weakest die.’                                                       Charles Darwin, On the Origin of Species (1859)

Dr Bill Hanage, an evolutionary epidemiologist from Imperial College London, gave an excellent introduction to the subject of how fast evolution in microbes brings health care challenges.

The discussion amongst the audience was vibrant and covered much ground, including antibiotic resistance and the difficulties faced in our fight against HIV-AIDS, malaria and ‘flu.

This event tied in with the Darwin 200 celebrations, demonstrating the contemporary importance of evolutionary theory.

You can read a review of the event on LabLit, listen to Bill’s introduction on the podcast and continue the discussion on the Nature Network forum.

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