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TalkScience@BL, July 2009

TalkScience@BL: Engage, Inform, Debate, Inspire

Scientific Findings in a digital world: What is the genuine article? 

A discussion with John Wilbanks

July 2009

John Wilbanks is Executive Director of Science Commons and Vice President of Creative Commons, not-for-profit organisations that aim to enhance the flow of scientific knowledge to accelerate innovation.

John's career has spanned the humanities, politics and science working both as advocate and entrepreneur.

Listen now to a podcast of John's introduction that initiated a lively discussion among the audience on the night.

On the night we considered a range of issues including:

  • In an age of digital content and communication, does the notion of the scientific ‘article’ remain relevant?
  • Is the 300-year-old approach to structuring findings – from abstract to references – still valid in the era of the multi-media research object?
  • How should new types of content such as video protocols and embedded datasets be peer-reviewed, and does it matter?
  • Will opening access to the outputs of scientific research really improve innovation?
  • Does more access to research data and information necessarily mean we are better informed?
  • When it comes to communicating research findings, what are the fundamental building blocks and what is the wallpaper?

We have set up a dedicated forum on Nature Networks where you can participate in post-event discussion. There we have set out a few thoughts to keep the discussion going, but please feel free to raise your own issues.

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