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Previous TalkScience events

Enjoy extracts from our previous TalkScience events. 

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TalkScience@ BL, June 2015

Fishing and marine protection: What’s the catch? A discussion chaired by Dr. Helen Scales

TalkScience@BL, March 2015

Science in extreme environments: Where research meets exploration? A panel session chaired by Dr Gabrielle Walker

TalkScience@Christmas, 2014

Highlights of the TalkScience@Christmas quiz 2014

TalkScience@BL, September 2014

Biotech on the Farm: Food for Thought? 30 September 2014

TalkScience@BL, June 2014

Extreme Weather: Climate change in Action? A discussion chaired by James Randerson with Professor Stephen Belcher, Bob Ward and George Marshall

Talkscience@BL, March 2014

Inventions and Discoveries and Biomedicine: Patently Obvious? A discussion chaired by Professor Jackie Hunter with Professor Alan Ashworth, Dr Nick Bourne and Dr Berwyn Clarke

TalkScience@Christmas, December 2013

Highlights of the TalkScience@Christmas quiz, 2013

TalkScience@BL, October 2013

Genetic testing in assisted reproduction: Selecting, not perfecting? A discussion chaired by Dr Alan Thornhill, with Dr Joyce Harper, Nick Meade and Prof. Rosamund Scott

TalkScience@BL, June 2013

Pollinators and pesticides: is there a plan bee? A discussion chaired by Bill Turnbull with Dr David Aston, Dr Peter Campbell and Dr Lynn Dicks

TalkScience@BL, March 2013

Open Data: What's the Use? A discussion with Prof. Nigel Shadbolt

TalkScience@Christmas, December 2012

Highlights of the TalkScience@Christmas quiz, 2012

TalkScience@BL, October 2012

Sustainable energy for the 21st century: Can we ensure a bright future? Fiona Harvey in conversation with Daniel Crean, Kirk Shanks, Colin Snape, and Phil Taylor

TalkScience@BL, June 2012

Research Evaluation – Whose Impact is it Anyway? A discussion with William Cullerne Bown, Prof Douglas Kell, Prof Nick Tyler CBE, Prof Geraint Rees and Chris Hale

TalkScience@BL, March 2012

From Lab Bench to Front Bench: Opportunities for Scientists? In discussion with: Imran Khan, Chris Tyler, Mark Henderson and Alice Jones

TalkScience@Christmas December 2011

Highlights of the TalkScience@Christmas quiz, 2011

Talkscience@BL, October 2011

Health in the Headlines: Making Sense of the Science? A Discussion with Tracey Brown

TalkScience@BL, July 2011

Geoengineering our Climate: Fixing Earth’s Future? A discussion with Prof. Tim Lenton

TalkScience@BL, March 2011

Communicating risk and scientific advice during emergencies: don't panic? A conversation with Mark Henderson and Sir John Beddington

TalkScience@Christmas, December 2010

A fun science quiz with a festive flavour

TalkScience@BL, November 2010

Biodiversity in the 21st Century: Are we missing the target? A discussion with Prof. Georgina Mace FRS CBE

TalkScience@BL, July 2010

Science in UK Government: Where's the Evidence? Mark Henderson in Conversation with Dr Evan Harris

TalkScience@BL, May 2010

Stem Cells: A Panacea for Our Future? A discussion with Austin Smith, 12 May 2010

TalkScience@BL, January 2010

GM crops and food security: curing the world’s growing pains? A discussion with Prof. Rosie Hails, MBE

TalkScience@BL, September 2009

Personal GenoME and Medicine: Hype or Reality? A discussion with Alan Ashworth

TalkScience@BL, July 2009

Scientific findings in a digital world: What is the genuine article? A discussion with John Wilbanks

TalkScience@BL, March 2009

What's in a Name? Taxonomy in Crisis. A discussion with Rod Page

TalkScience@BL, December 2008

Infectious Disease: What can evolution do for us? A discussion with Bill Hanage

TalkScience@BL, September 2008

Scientific Researchers and Web 2.0: Social Not Working? A discussion with Timo Hannay

TalkScience@BL, May 2008

Citation in Science: Don't quote me on that! A discussion with Tim Birkhead