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TalkScience@BL event, July 2010

Science in UK Government: Where's the Evidence?

Mark Henderson in Conversation with Dr Evan Harris at the British Library, 12 July 2010

Mark Henderson is Science Editor for The Times, and writes for the paper's monthly science magazine, Eureka. He takes a particular interest in the politics of science.

Dr Evan Harris, former Liberal Democrat MP for Oxford West & Abingdon and member of the Commons Science and Technology Committee, has been a key voice for science in Parliament.

Some of the question asked in the debate included:

  • What role will science play in the new Government?
  • How will the scientific perspective be heard and understood across Parliament?
  • How could the use of scientific evidence in policy-making be improved?
  • With tightening budgets, what are the big issues that UK science faces?
  • Should science funding be more elitist?
  • Will the long-term impact of science ever be measurable?

Listen to the podcast of Science in UK Government: Where's the Evidence?

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