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TalkScience@BL, December 2010

Our Christmas event in the TalkScience series, 'Let's Get Quizzical' was a little different. We held a fun science-themed quiz which had a festive flavour. The event gave all who attended the chance to engage their competitive spirits and pit their wits against fellow science geeks for the chance to win our coveted Champions Trophy! 

Allan Sudlow, the STM team Relationships Manager, performed Quiz Master duties for the evening. The quiz had six question rounds, each themed to cover a different type of science trivia:

• Let's Get Topical: Questions on the year's biggest Science news stories of 2010.
• Let's Get Pictorial: Teams had to identify famous scientists in festive disguise.
• Let's Get Biological: Images of biological entities to be identified, provided by biology image library, BMC.
• Let's Get Environmental: Environmental questions from around the world.
• Let's Get Audible: Bird and animal sounds from The British Library sound archive had to be identified in this round. Some of the sounds included a hedgehog, a flock of starlings and a toad.  

During the intervals we held some fun games including a Spelling Bee, where contestants had to spell that famous Icelandic volcano and a physics themed question posed by a Brian Cox puppet!

The competition for the top spot was very close with five teams in the running right until the last round. 'Euclid's on The Block' were the team who came out on top to win the coveted TalkScience Champs 2010 trophy. The question is who will win in 2011?

We would like to thank BioMed Central, Society of Biology and Geek Calendar for providing prizes.