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TalkScience Christmas Quiz 2013

The end of 2013 saw our now annual TalkScience Christmas quiz. This science-themed quiz with a festive flavour sees 24 pun-tastic teams battle against fellow science geeks for the chance to win our coveted Champions Trophy.

This year's quiz had science facts great and small packed into 7 question rounds:

  • Science of London - Teasers on the science that's shaped the capital.
  • A Round Round - Questions on science things circular, spherical and kind-of-roundish.
  • Sounds like Christmas - Mystery recordings from the British Library's wildlife sound archive.
  • Science in the News - Questions on the science stories on 2013.
  • Where the tweets have no name - Mocked up tweets by famous scientists.
  • The Price is Right - Estimate the prices of various scientific items, from microcentrifuge tubes to the Large Hadron Collider.
  • Have I got journals for you: A list of journal titles, to sort the real (and part of our collections) from the fake. 

Yet again, we also had a range of bonus rounds, which this year included everyone's favourite fairground game, 'guess the number of pipet tips in the jar'.

At the halfway point in our quiz, there was only one point separating first and second place: Quizmas Spirit and Anything but the Wasp. Quizmas Spirit managed to keep a point ahead to win, but Conservational Scientists squeezed into second place ahead of Anything but the Wasp by just half a point.

Congratulations to our top three teams. We hope to see them back next year, and hopefully you can join them - keep an eye on our Twitter feed and webpage for details of all this year's TalkScience events, including 2014's quiz in December.