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Geoengineering our Climate: Fixing Earth’s Future?

Geoengineering our Climate: Fixing Earth’s Future?

A discussion with Professor Tim Lenton, 14 July 2011

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Our 13th TalkScience event featured Professor Tim Lenton (University of Exeter) for a discussion around the potential of geoengineering technologies towards tackling climate change. An enthusiastic audience joined the discussion, asking questions about tipping points in the Earth’s climate system, the potential of biochar towards mitigating climate change, and whether there is hope for the future. Professor Lenton’s presentation focussed on:

Why are scientists considering geoengineering options to tackle climate change?

Geoengineering proposals that range from mirrors in space to ocean fertilisation are being considered, but what is actually feasible?

Is there a tipping point for Earth's climate when geoengineering will no longer be an option?

Do we know enough about Earth systems to implement a solution that could have lasting consequences?

Tim Lenton is a Professor of Earth Systems Science at the University of Exeter. His work on the Gaia theory of Earth as a self-regulating system covers the history and future of life on Earth, tipping points in the Earth’s climate system and evaluations of the effectiveness of geoengineering proposals.