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TalkScience@BL, October 2012

Sustainable energy for the 21st century: Can we ensure a bright future?

Fiona Harvey in conversation with Daniel Crean, Kirk Shanks, Colin Snape, and Phil Taylor: 23 October 2012

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This panel discussion was chaired by Fiona Harvey (environment correspondent for The Guardian) with: Daniel Crean (PhD student at Nuclear FiRST Doctoral Training Centre, University of Sheffield), Dr. Kirk Shanks (Lecturer in energy demand, Loughborough University), Prof. Colin Snape (Director of the Energy Technologies Research Institute, University of Nottingham) and Prof. Phil Taylor (DONG Energy Chair in Renewable Energy, Durham University).

Discussion points for the evening included:

  • What is the UK’s current energy mix?
  • Where does our energy come from, and how much do we import and export?
  • Why is our current situation unsustainable?
  • Is technology really enough to provide a sustainable energy future? What is the role of behavioural change and that of political institutions?
  • Is it actually possible to meet the Government’s energy targets without using fossil fuels or nuclear power?

This event was held in partnership with the UKERC Network of Energy Centres for Doctoral Training.

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