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TalkScience@BL, October 2013

Genetic testing in assisted reproduction: Selecting, not perfecting?

A discussion chaired by Dr Alan Thornhill, with Dr Joyce Harper, Nick Meade and Professor Rosamund Scott. 9 October 2013

Our 22nd TalkScience event ‘Genetic testing in assisted reproduction: Selecting, not perfecting?’ brought together scientists, policy makers and members of the public to debate the future of genetic testing in IVF and the many issues it raises.

Our panel of experts included Dr Joyce Harper (UCL), Nick Meade (Genetic Alliance UK) and Professor Rosamund Scott (King’s College London) and was chaired by Dr Alan Thornhill (Guy’s Hospital Assisted Conception Unit).

Discussion points included:

  • How do we decide what conditions should be tested for?
  • How accurate are the current testing methods anyway?
  • Will ‘designer babies’ ever become a reality?
  • Where do we draw the line and who should draw it?



If you couldn’t make it on the night photos are available online and the podcast is available here. We look forward to seeing you at our next TalkScience@BL event.