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French Studies Reference Sources

A selection of basic reference works in the field of French studies held in the British Library's Humanities and Social Sciences collections in London. It is a shortened and revised version of French studies: a guide to reference sources in the British Library-Humanities and Social Sciences (1995) which is available on the open shelves of the Humanities Reading Room (HLR 840.9).

The reduction of titles to one-fourth of the original has meant that general reference material is not covered. This material is, however, described in other Reader Guides or in the parent guide to this leaflet. It has also been necessary to omit critical annotations of individual titles, but each subject listing is preceded by a short introduction. Finally, the following subjects treated in the parent guide have not been included: art, historical bibliography and theatre.
As in the parent guide, coverage is restricted to metropolitan France, i.e. material relating to French overseas territories or francophone countries has not been included. Minority languages, e.g. Breton and Provençal, are not treated.
The shelfmark of each item is given at the end of every citation. Many of the items listed are available on the open-access shelves of the Humanities Reading Room or the Rare Books & Music Reading Room. Electronic resources can be accessed in the Electronic Resources Rooms in both Humanities - Floor 1 and 2.

Bibliothèque nationale catalogues
National bibliography
Books in print
Union catalogues
Periodicals and newspapers
General encyclopaedias
Language dictionaries
Cinema and film
Theses and current research
Libraries, archives and museums


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