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French general encyclopaedias

These pages list basic reference works in the field of French studies held in the British Library in London. Shelfmarks are included.

Quid, a one-volume mini encyclopaedia, was updated annually, until 2007. It is now available online. The Encyclopaedia universalis comprises a Corpus (vols 1-16) of long articles, an Organum (vol 17) of essays and a Thesaurus-Index (vols 18-20). The Larousse sets combine encyclopaedia and language dictionary and contain biographical entries. The encyclopaedias are listed in reverse chronological order.

Dominique et Michèle Frémy. Quid.
Annual. [2007 edition]. Paris, Plon, then Laffont, 1963-2007 (afterwards only available online).
HLQ 034.1
Le grand Larousse encyclopédique : dictionnaire encyclopédique en 2 volumes. .
2 vols. Paris, Larousse, 2007.
HLR 034.1
Encyclopaedia universalis.
5e édition. 28 vols. Paris, Encyclopaedia universalis, 2002.
HLR 034.1
Grand Larousse encyclopédique.
10 vols. Paris, Larousse, 1960-1964.

- Supplément. Paris, 1968.
HLR 034.1
La grande encyclopédie. Sous la direction de M.Berthelot.
31 vols. Paris, Lamirault, 1886-1902.
HLR 034.1
Larousse, Pierre. Grand dictionnaire universel du XIXe siècle.
17 vols. Paris, Administration du Grand dictionnaire universel, 1865-1890.
HLL 034.1
Encyclopédie ou Dictionnaire raisonné des sciences, des arts et des métiers...Publié par M. Diderot...&...par M.d'Alembert.
17 vols. Genève, 1754-1772.

- Recueil de planches. 11 vols. Paris, Briasson, 1762-1772.

- Supplément. vols 1-2 [wanting vols 3-4]. Amsterdam, Marc-Michel Rey, 1776.
RAR 034.1


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