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Georgian language collections

The British Library's collection of Georgian manuscripts is very small, consisting of only eight manuscripts in total. The printed book collection is of moderate size, at about 2,000 titles



The most important Georgian manuscript is an 11th century parchment codex of the Lives of the saints from the Holy Cross Monastery, Jerusalem, acquired in the mid-19th century. A curiosity is a manuscript monthly journal of the Georgian Socialist Revolutionary Party, Musha (Ref: Ms.Or.5315), 1889-91.

Printed books and serials

The printed book collection spans the Tzarist, Soviet and post-Soviet periods. Its development in the 1950s-70s benefited from the fact that the British Library had a dedicated Georgian specialist. Currently, relatively few books are acquired.

This collection is quite comprehensive in subject coverage within the humanities. It contains some important early imprints from the 17th and 18th centuries. It also includes emigre publications as well as a wide range of books and serials in western languages relating to Caucasian languages and literature.

Apart from Georgian itself, the collection includes a few items in other Caucasian languages: 

  • the Kartvelian languages
  • Svanian and Mingrelo-Laz
  • Daghestanian languages
  • Circassian
  • Abkhazian


To access the Georgian language collections, see the separate catalogues and guides page.


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