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ISLG Bulletin

The ISLG Bulletin, the Annual Newsletter of the Italian Studies Library Group, has been published since July 2002. It contains articles of interest to those working with Italian, such as items about libraries and collections of use to ISLG members, or advance notice of special events.

An electronic copy of each bulletin becomes available one year after publication and distribution of the print copy to members of the ISLG.

Italian Studies Library Group Bulletin

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The ISLG Annual Lecture

  • 2006 Dr. Alison Wright, UCL ‘Relief and representation: the framing of honour in Italian art of the early to high Renaissance’
  • 2007 Prof. David Forgacs, UCL ‘Neorealism and photography: document, reportage and film in Italy 1936-1962’
  • 2008 Prof. Iain Fenlon ‘Italia in Iberia: Renaissance music for the Spanish market.’
  • 2009 Prof. John Woodhouse, ‘From poet to pirate: the life of Gabriele D’Annunzio’
  • 2010 Prof. Brian Richardson, ‘Transformations of a text: Boccaccio’s Decameron from manuscript to print and beyond’
  • 2011 Prof. Maurizio Isabella Italian exiles in Britain during the 1820s’
  • 2011 Prof Christopher Duggan. ‘The Risorgimento and Italian Unification: limitations and perspectives’
  • 2012 Prof. Stephen Gundle, ‘After a Dictator Falls: The Shadow of Mussolini in Postwar Italy’
  • 2013 Dr Stefano Castelvecchi, ‘The modernity of Verdi’s Traviata