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Russian internet resources

A collection of links to Russia and Russia-related internet resources, compiled by the British Library.

Academic institutions

General Education Online: Colleges and Universities - Russian Federation (list of 155 institutes of higher education in RF)

Informika (includes directory of institutes of higher education in RF)

Institute of Social Science Information (Институт научной информации по общественным наукам, ИНИОН/INION)

Moscow State University (Московский государственный университет им. М.В. Ломоносова)

Russian Academy of Sciences (Российская академия наук)

St. Petersburg State University (Санкт-Петербургский государственный университет)

Southern-Russian Academy of Justice

Dictionaries, russification and transliteration

ParaType (commercially-produced fonts and drivers)

Russian keyboard etc. (Cyrillic (Russian) instructions for Windows and Internet, by Paul Gorodyansky)

Searching for Cyrillic items in the catalogues of the British Library: guidelines and transliteration tables

Economics and society

The Russia Longitudinal Monitoring Survey (extensive collection of demographic, economic, health and sociological data)

Gateways and directories

Dazhdbog's Grandchildren (Sergei Naumov's site containing links to Russia-related material)

Friends and Partners (the well-established Russia-US website)

Integrum World Wide (over 3500 databases on Russia and the CIS; access is available for registered readers using British Library computers in our Reading Rooms)

EESWeb Russian and East European Studies Internet Resources (also includes a search engine) (internet provider and gateway)

Russia on the Net (, directory of Russian internet resources)

General and historical resources

Археология в интернетe - Россия (archaeology resources from the Server of East European Archeology)

Britain Russia Centres-British East West (UK non-government organisation aiming to support sustainable social, political and economic change in Russia and the CIS)

The Federation of East European Family History Societies (Central and East European genealogy)

The GB-Russia Society

International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX) (academic and research exchanges between the US and the FSU)

Meeting of Frontiers / Встреча на границах (a multimedia digital library from the Library of Congress, exploring the comparative history of Russian and American expansion and frontiers)

Memorial (international historical-enlightenment, human rights and humanitarian society)

Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty (online reports and news bulletins)

Research in former Soviet archives on issues of historical political economy (International Contact Group, co-ordinated by Mark Harrison of the University of Warwick)

Revelations from the Russian Archives (Library of Congress)

WWW Virtual Guide to the History of Russian and Soviet Science and Technology (information resources for historians)

Government and politics

The Bucknell Russian Program (collection of links on Russian politics)

Gosudarstvennaia Duma (Государственная Дума, official Duma site)

Maximov's Companion (includes information on and links to political resources)

Moscow City Duma (Московская городская Дума)

National News Service (Национальная служба новостей) (includes who's who of leading figures, political parties)

Political Resources on the Net - Russia (collection of online info sources on Russian politics and government)

Russian Government Internet Network (Administration of the President, official server: organs of state, legislation)

Russian Trade Unions (Профсоюзы России в Интернете)

St. Petersburg Administration (Администрация Санкт-Петербурга)

Legal resources

Garant (legal information and consultancy service)

Konsul'tant Plius (Консультант Плюс; legal news and information)

Human rights in Russia (Права человека в России)

Libraries and archives

All-Russia Library of Foreign Literature (Всероссийская государственная библиотека иностранной литературы, ВГБИЛ/VGBIL)

ArcheoBiblioBase: Archives in Russia (contains information system on archival repositories in the Russian Federation)

Arkhiv peterburgskoi rusistiki (Архив петербургской русистики, from the Russian Language Department of St. Petersburg State University)

Arkhivy Rossii (Архивы России)

International Library Information and Analytical Centre (ILIAC) (gateway to Russian library services, site in US)

Leeds Russian Archive (searchable catalogue)

Libnet (Либнет, gateway to the major libraries in Moscow and St.Petersburg - in Russian)

LibWeb (project to provide access to libraries across the Russian Federation, including access to electronic catalogues)

Library Servers in the RF (arranged alphabetically by region, part of the LibWeb Project administered by the GPNTB)

National Library of Russia (Российская национальная библиотека, includes an electronic catalogue of Russian books, 1998-)

RUSLANet (the website for the Regional University and Science Library Advanced Network in the North-West of Russia; it provides a useful English-language general reference site on libraries in Russia)

Russian Collections of the British Library

Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology (Государственная публичная научно-техническая библиотека России, ГПНТБ/GPNTB)

Russian State Library (Российская государственная библиотека, РГБ/RGB)

State Public Historical Library (Государственная публичная историческая библиотека, ГПИВ/GPIB)

UDT Occasional Papers (series on Information and Networking Technologies in Russian Libraries)

Literature, language and culture

The Bakhtin Centre (University of Sheffield)

Bolshoi Theatre (Большой театр)

Classical Music of St. Petersburg (comprehensive guide, listing concert halls, musicians, composers; includes musical fragments)

Concordance of Dostoevskii's Work (material on/by Dostoevskii, from Petrozavodsk State University)

From Russia With Art

International Counterculture Archive (for the study of materials on countercultural groups and movements of FSU/CEE)

Malyi teatr (Малый театр)

Mariinsky Theatre (Мариинский театр)

Moscow Art Theatre (Московский художественный академический театр, МХАТ/MKhAT)

Moscow Theatre Server (official website for Moscow theatres and theatrical organisations)


Obshtezhitie (the web portal for the study of cyrillic and glagolitic manuscripts and early printed books)

Novyi Mir (Новый Мир)

Russian visual arts, 1800-1913 (joint project of the British Library, the University of Exeter and the University of Sheffield)

SovLit (Советская литература)

Maps and city guides

Map of Russia (clickable map)

Moscow Metro (Московское метро)

St. Petersburg at Your Fingertips

Traveller's Yellow Pages: Moscow

Museums and galleries

Hermitage Museum (Государственный Эрмитаж)

Kremlin Museum Online (Московский Кремль)

Museums of Russia (Музеи России, directory)

Newspapers and journals

AJR Newslink, European newspapers (links to online newspapers in Europe including CEE/FSU) online (газета.ru)

Inkternational News Links (Inkpots' extensive guide to newspapers in Russia and Eastern Europe)

Interfax (Интерфакс, Russian News Agency)

ITAR-TASS (ИТАР-ТАСС, Russian News Agency)

Izvestiia (Известия)

The Moscow Times (English language daily distributed in Moscow)

National Press Service (Национальная служба новостей) Daily Online News (daily internet newspaper)

REECA Web (guide to online Russian newspapers and journals, including links to full-text newspapers)

Russia Today (a service of the European Internet Network - English language)

Russian Life Online

Russian newspapers (an index to online Russian newspapers, from Friends and Partners)

Slavic Review (electronic post-print editions of the journal Slavic Review)

The St. Petersburg Times

Tolstoy Studies Journal (University of Toronto, description about the journal)

Transitions Online (internet magazine covering Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and the former Soviet Union)

Voice of Russia (Радио Голос России)

Publishers and booksellers

Academic International Press (Книги России, online bookshop)

East View Publications (online databases on Russia and the CIS are available from the British Library)

Grant and Cutler (London-based foreign language booksellers)

KnoRus (КноРус, Russian publisher, includes links to other dealers in Russia) (online bookseller 'У Сытина')

Kubon & Sagner (Buchexport-Import GmbH)

Mezhdunarodnaia kniga (Международная книга)

Panorama of Russia (US-based book vendor)

ProQuest Information and Learning (research collection, newspapers and serials in microform from Chadwyck-Healey, ProQuest and UMI)

Russian-language bookshop in London (Русский мир, книжный магазин в Лондоне)

Religious resources

Russia Religion News (Stetson University Department of History, monitoring media reports on religion in Russia and other countries of the CIS)

Russian iconography on the internet

Russian Orthodox Church (Русская Православная Церковь, the official web server of the Moscow Patriarchate)

Russia abroad

Russkaia sluzhba BBC (Русская служба Би-би-си, BBC Russian Service)

Dostizheniia / Achievements (Достижения, monthly newspaper in Britain)

Russian London Info (weekly newspaper)

Londonskii Kur'er / London Courier (Лондонский Курьер, newspaper)

Nasha Canada (Наша Канада, Toronto-based biweekly community newspaper aiming at over 100,000 Russian speaking immigrants)

The Russian Language Centre (the only specialist Russian language school in Britain; Russian tuition; English for Russians; translating/interpreting; other services )

Russian London, Ltd. (Газета Русский Лондон, newspaper; Russian business in the Uk, etc.)

Russian search engines

APORT (АПОРТ, Russian search engine with a facility for translating search terms from English to Russian)

Rambler (Рамблер, Russian search engine)

Russia on the Net (, Russian search engine)

Yandex (Яндекс, Russian search engine)


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