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Ediciones Vigía

Ediciones Vigía was founded in April 1985 in the city of Matanzas to the east of Havana, Cuba. Its name is taken from its location in the Plaza de la Vigía (Watchtower Square). The aim of the group has always been to use the most basic printing techniques, thus highlighting the importance of craftsmanship in the making of books. 

Drawing presented to Nancy Morejón by another Cuban poet, Sigfredo Ariel, 1994.

Drawing presented to Nancy Morejón by another Cuban poet, Sigfredo Ariel, 1994.

Glossy modern presentation would also detract from the artistic content of the works they produce. Their publications are mimeographed, and the illustrations are cut, and subsequently coloured, by hand. 200 copies of each are printed; they are numbered and generally signed by the author. 

Ediciones Vigía's publications embrace a variety of formats: books, magazines, loose sheets and scrolls. 

All are produced to the same standard and show impeccable concern for bibliographical accuracy, recording not just date and place of publication, but also responsibility for design and manufacture.

Ediciones Vigía concentrates on poetry, short stories, literary criticism, and on works for children. Some of the texts are published for the first time, while others are existing works by famous writers. Prominent among the first group are works by local writers, some still in their teens, while the second group includes Gabriel García Márquez, Dulce María Loynaz and Cintio Vitier. Emphasis on literature for young people has been a constant element of artistic policy in Cuba since the Revolution.

It is ironic that Ediciones Vigía should make such profitable use of such basic materials, including scrap paper. Cuba is suffering an acute paper shortage which has restricted the publication of literary works in their traditional form.


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