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Latin American Collections

We have the largest collection of Latin American studies materials in the United Kingdom, containing material on all humanities and social science topics and periods and on all the countries of Latin America and the Spanish-speaking Caribbean.

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Mexico and Brazil are especially well represented in the collections. There are also strong collections of material on the independence movements of early nineteenth-century South America. The Library is well supplied for the earlier part of the nineteenth century in holdings of Brazilian and Argentinian historical and literary items.

Of note is the Domínguez Collection of over five hundred pamphlets, mainly formed by the political journalist Luis López Domínguez (1810-1898?). The pamphlets mostly date from the 19th century. Access is usually via microfilm at Mic.C.10331 - Mic.C.10569; further details of the collection can be found in 'A collection of Latin American pamphlets', by H Whitehead. British Museum Quarterly, vol. 34 (1969-70), pp. 1-10. * Copy in Rare Books and Music Reading Room at RAR069.0942 (small-sized sequence).

Among historical official publications held, Mexican and Brazilian material of the first half of the nineteenth century is well represented.

Central American holdings are less complete.



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