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Turkish and Turkic language collections: Catalogues and guides

This page lists the catalogues and finding aids to our Turkish and Turkic collections.


Barnett, L. D. Preliminary list of manuscripts in languages of Central Asia and Sanskrit, from the collections made by Sir Marc Aurel Stein. Typescript. 18 p. - 6 Kök Turkish and about 60 Uighur items. Some of the manuscripts are available digitally on the website of the International Dunhuang Project.

Rieu, C. Catalogue of the Turkish manuscripts in the British Museum. London: British Museum, 1888. 371 p. - 483 items, including 39 in Chaghatay and 8 in Azeri.

Meredith-Owens, G. M. Temporary handlist of Turkish MSS., 1888-1958. Typescript. 46 p. - Lists about 950 items.

Waley, M. I. Islamic manuscripts in Eastern Turkic languages in the British Library: a provisional handlist. Unpublished.

Waley, M.I. Ottoman manuscripts in the India Office Library collection. Unpublished. - Preliminary descriptions of 7 mss. containing 10 texts.

Printed Books

For most books in modern Turkish, i.e. published since 1927, and other Turkic languages, use the online British Library Catalogue in the reading rooms.

If you cannot find what you are looking for in the online catalogue, refer to:

Meredith-Owens, G. M., and Waley, M. I., Card catalogue of Turkish and Turkic printed books in the British Library, in the Asian and African Studies Reading Room. Entries by author, subject, and title.

For books in other modern Turkic languages, see also:

Waley, M. I. Catalogue of the Ottoman printed books presented by Sultan Abdülhamid II in the British Library. - In progress. The collection contains about 250 titles. Printout.


Waley, M. I., ed. Periodicals in Turkish and Turkic languages: a union list of holdings in U.K. libraries. Oxford: MELCOM UK, 1993.

Manuscript illustrations and photographs

Titley, N. M. Miniatures from Turkish manuscripts: catalogue and subject index of paintings in the British Library and the British Museum. London: BL, 1981. 144 p.: plates. - Describes 66 manuscripts and albums.

Waley, M. I. Supplementary catalogue of Turkish manuscript illustrations in the British Library. - In preparation. Describes miniature paintings and other illustrations in Turkish styles.

Waley, M. I., ed. Sultan 'Abdülhamid II Photograph Collection: early Turkish photographs from the British Library. Zug: IDC, 1987. - Over 1800 photographs on microfiche, with a descriptive outline.

Gavin, C., et al. Imperial Self-Portrait: the Ottoman Empire as revealed in the Sultan Abdul Hamid II's Photographic Albums... - A pictorial selection with catalogue, concordance, indices, and brief essays. Published as Journal of Turkish Studies, vol. 12. Cambridge, Mass., 1988.


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