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Turkish and Turkic language collections

The British Library holds strong collections in Turkish and Turkic languages. Manuscripts in Turkish amount to nearly 2,000 volumes. We also have extensive holdings of printed books and periodicals.
Sultan Abdulhamid II Photo Album

Photograph album presented by Sultan Abdulhamid II, 1893. [photo1058] ©The British Library Board


Most of the British Library's Turkish manuscripts are in Ottoman, but there are also significant holdings in Chaghatay, the classical East Turkic literary language, and other languages. They were collected over a long period, the earliest coming from the Dunhuang caves, and together form an extensive collection.

Printed books and periodicals

Our books and periodicals provide good coverage of Turkish and Turkic language printing. They include government publications and newspapers.

Other resources

The British Library also holds a range of other resources for Turkish and Turkic studies. Modern books dealing with the area can be found through Explore the British Library. There is a good collection of modern Turkish stamps, besides more modest holdings from other Turkic regions.

We also hold


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