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Botswana Official Publications

Guide to current Botswanan official publications in the British Library.

Government of Botswana website:

Botswana (formerly Bechuanaland) became an independent republic in 1966. The unicameral legislature is known as the National Assembly. There is also a House of Chiefs with advisory functions.

Annual economic report - Botswana

(Supplement to the Budget speech)


Holdings: 2004-

Annual report - Botswana Police Force


Holdings: 1946- (Very incomplete.)

Annual statements of accounts - Botswana

Holdings: 1965/66-1969/70; 1971/72-1972/73; 1974/75-1982/83; 1984/85-1987/88; 1990/91; 1994/95-2000/01.


Holdings: 2003-

Continuation of:

Annual statements of accounts - Bechuanaland Protectorate


Holdings: 1964/65.

Continuation of:

Treasury annual report with financial accounts for the financial year ended 31 st March ... - Bechuanaland Protectorate


Holdings: 1946/47-1948; 1950-1963/64.

The report includes financial statements presenting the financial position of the government for the year. There are various tables.

Botswana: an official handbook


Holdings: 1984-1985.

The handbook provides information on the functions of the government, ministries and other institutions. It is useful to those unfamiliar with the political, historical, economic, social, cultural and geographical features of the country.

Botswana financial statistics - Bank of Botswana

Follow links from the Bank of Botswana home page at for the web version.

Botswana government gazette


Holdings: Oct. 1966-1981; 1983-Aug. 1986. (Unbound parts. Incomplete but good holdings.)

Legal and public notices appear in the main gazette. Acts, bills and subsidiary legislation appear in the supplements:

Acts Supplement


Holdings: 1966-1976.

Acts for 1966 are shelved with the main Gazette at OGB.100(2). The Acts Supplement is designated B, 1967-69; F, 1970-71 and A, 1972-76.

Bills Supplement


Holdings: 1967-1984.

The Bills Supplement is designated E, 1967-69; G, 1970-71 and B 1972-84.

Statutory Instruments Supplement


Holdings: 1967-1984.

The Statutory Instruments Supplement is designated D, 1967-69; H, 1970-71 and C, 1972-84.

Continuation of:

Bechuanaland Protectorate Government Gazette (Official Gazette of the High Commissioner for Basutoland, the Bechuanaland Protectorate and Swaziland. Bechuanaland Protectorate edition)


Holdings: 1963-1966 (Mainly bound volumes. Not complete but good holdings.)

Laws Supplement


Holdings: 1963-1966.

Laws for 1963 are filed with the main gazette at OGB.100.

Bills supplement


Holdings: 1961-1966.

Bills for 1963 are filed with the main gazette at OGB.100.

Legal notices supplement



Budget speech - Botswana . Ministry of Finance and Development Planning.


Holdings: 1973-1974; 1977-1978; 1984; 1987; 1991-1995; 1997-

Follow the links from the Bank of Botswana homepage at for the latest budget speech. Budgetary information is also available via the Ministry's home page at

The speech gives economic review, economic outlook, review of the previous budget, sectoral policy review of the financial year. Budget proposals of the next year are also given.

Central Statistics Office website

Current national statistics on labour, trade and industry, agriculture, education, population, health and transport, prices, and results of the household survey. Also offers links to the National Accounts Statistics and the Statistical Update, a quarterly summary of data for the current year. 

Education statistics - Ministry of Education


Holdings: 1969-1970; 1972-1974; 1978; 1981; 1983; 1985-1986; 1993-1994; 1996-

Estimates of expenditure from the consolidated and development funds - Botswana


Holdings: 1981/82-1988/89; 1996/97; 1998/99-

Continuation of:

Estimates of revenue and expenditure for the development fund - Botswana


Holdings: 1970/71; 1972/73-1974/75.

Estimates of government departments, estimates of pensions, gratuities and compensations, salaries and allowances of specified officers. Also includes expenditures for the preceding year.

Supplementary estimates of expenditure for the consolidated and development funds: financial paper... - Botswana. Ministry of Finance and Development Planning.


Holdings: 2004/05-

Continuation of:

Development fund supplementary estimates: financial paper...


Holdings: 1972/73-1986/87 (Incomplete.)

External trade statistics - Botswana. Central Statistics Office


Holdings: 1975; 1977-1978; 1980; 1982-1986; 1989; 1991-1992; 1994-1998.

Annual report on the external trade of Botswana. The statistics are compiled from customs documents giving details of exports and imports by commodity and by country of origin.

Financial statements, tables and estimates of the Consolidated and Development Funds Revenues


Holdings: 2004/05-

Government paper - Botswana


Holdings: No. 2, 1998-

Main source for statements of Botswana government policy.

Health statistics report


Holdings: 2000-

Labour statistics


Holdings: 1998-

Continuation of:

Employment survey


Holdings: 1973-1975; 1977-1978; 1980-1981; 1983-1984.

Minutes - African Advisory Council, Bechuanaland


Holdings: 21st-40th Session (1940-1960).

Minutes - European Advisory Council, Bechuanaland


Holdings: 3rd; 6th; 8th-12th; 14th-24th; 26th-29th; 31st-62nd Session (1923-1959).

Minutes - Joint Advisory Council


Holdings: 1st-11th Session, and Special Session (1950-1960).

National accounts statistics - Botswana . Central Statistics Office


Holdings: 1967/68; 1971/72; 1976/77-1978/79; 1981/82-1983/84; 1993/94-2000/01-

Provides information on the country's economic activity and performance. 

National development plan - Botswana. Ministry of Finance and Development Planning


Holdings: 1968/73; 1970/75; 1973/78; 1976/81; 1979/85; 1991/97; 1997/98-2002/03; 2003/04-2008/09-

Each plan gives brief description of the country, its economic performance and development. Reviews the achievements of the previous plan, outlines the policies and objectives of the current plan. Includes charts, graphs, maps, photographs, statistical tables and bibliographical references.

Continuation of:

Development plan - Bechuanaland

Printed version: CSD.534

Microfilm: SPR.Mic.E.23

Holdings: 1963-68.

Official report of the debates... - Botswana. National Assembly


Holdings 1966-1995; 2000- (Hansard nos. 19-48, 51, 59, 62, 64, 70, 97-98, 100-103, 105-107, 109, 115, 116 (part), 119 (part), 133-)

Includes debates, statements of Ministers, answers to oral and written questions, and the speech of the President opening the session. Each volume gives list of officers and members of the National Assembly.

Continuation of:

Official report of the debates - Bechuanaland Protectorate. Legislative Assembly.


Holdings: 1st-5th meeting, 1965-1966. (Hansard nos. 13-17.)

Continuation of:

Official report of the debates - Bechuanaland Protectorate. Legislative Council.


Holdings: 1st meeting, 1st session - 2nd meeting, 4th session, 1961-1964 (Hansard nos. 1-12.)

Population and housing census

Catalogued separately; please consult the online catalogue for pressmarks.

Holdings: 1946, 1964, 1971, 1981, 2001.

The census includes development of the budgetary and manpower requirements, mapping and listing of all settlements. 

Population report - Botswana. Central Statistics Office


Holdings: 1999-

Report. Auditor General on the accounts of the Botswana government


Holdings: 1969-1971; 1973-1977; 1984; 1987; 1990-

Statistical abstract


Holdings: 1969-1977/78.

Statistical bulletin - Botswana. Central Statistics Office


Holdings: Vols. 2-3 (1977-78); vol. 4, no. 2 (1979); vol. 5, nos. 3-4 (1980); vol. 7, nos. 3-4 (1982); vol. 8, no. 4-vol. 11, no. 2 (1983-86); vol. 18 (1993-94); vol. 22, no. 2-vol. 23, no. 3 (1998); vol. 24, nos. 1-3 (1999); vol. 25, nos. 1-2, 4 (2000); vol. 26 (2001)-

Main emphasis is on economic and financial matters; also includes information on education, health and population.

Statute law - Botswana


Holdings: Vols. 50-51 (1966-67); vol. 54 (1970); vols. 66-75 (1982-91); vols. 77-79 (1993-95); vol. 81 (1997)-

Continuation of:

Statute law - Bechuanaland Protectorate


Holdings: Vols. 44-49 (1959/60-1965).

Continuation of:

High Commissioner's proclamations and the more important government notices (Proclamations and subsidiary legislation)


Holdings: Vols. 15-31 (1930-46); vols. 33-43 (1948-58).

An annual compilation of Acts, laws and legal notices passed during the year.

Transport and Communications statistics


Holdings: 2002-


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