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Ghana Official Publications

Guide to current official publications in the British Library.

The government web gateway at has information pages on various ministries, the executive, the judiciary, etc, while the Bank of Ghana website at has more statistical information on the country's economy.

Ghana (formerly the Gold Coast) became independent in 1957. The first President, Kwame Nkrumah, was overthrown in 1966 and power was assumed by a National Liberation Council.

In 1972 the armed forces overthrew the government in a bloodless coup and established a National Redemption Council (NRC) as the main organ of government. In October 1975 the NRC was superseded as the highest legislative and administrative organ by a Supreme Military Council (SMC). Civilian rule, under the auspices of the military, was restored between 1979 and 1981. On December 31st 1981 a further military coup led by Flight Lieutenant Jerry Rawlings resulted in the suspension of the Parliament and its replacement as the supreme legislative authority by the Provisional National Defense Council.

A new constitution was approved in 1992 according to which the head of state is the President, directly elected for a maximum of two four year terms. The President appoints the Cabinet and the Council of State and chairs the National Security Council. The unicameral legislature is known as the Parliament.



Holdings: No. 635 (2003)-

Loose-leaf: CSC.366/6

Holdings: 1960-1971 [Incomplete.]

Bound volumes: CSC.437

Holdings: 1961-1963.

Continuation of:



Holdings: 1892-1906; 1909-1920; 1924-1957.

Annual departmental reports relating to the Gold Coast and British Togoland, 1843-1956


Reports cover administration, finance, law enforcement, natural resources, education and social welfare, transport and public works, the Post Office, and commerce. The publisher's guide to the microform collection is kept in the open access reference collection in the Social Sciences Reading Room at OPL.966.70043 and on the publisher's website at

Annual report - Bank of Ghana


Holdings: 1968; 1971; 1974-1978; 1987; 1989/90; 1992-1996; 1998-

Reports from 1996 are on Bank of Ghana website at (follow "Publications" link).

The report reviews the economy of the country. There are sections on economic development, public finance, balance of payments, prices, exports and imports. Also includes a section on Bank's operations during the year. There are statistical tables at the end of the report.

Budget proposals - Ghana. Ministry of Finance


Holdings: 1974/75-1981/82.

Includes the review of the previous year's budget, current revenue and grants, highlights of the current year's developments and budget control measures.

Budget statement - Ghana. Ministry of Finance


Holdings: 1963/64-1970/71; 1977/78-1978/79; 1986-1987; 1989-1991; 1994-1995; 1998-

Online versions of the Budgets from 1998 are available from the Ghana Review International web site at

Decrees - Armed Forces Revolutionary Council


Holdings: 1-7, 9, 11-23, 25-70 (1979).

Decrees - National Liberation Council


Holdings: No. 246-406 (1968-69) [Unbound parts. Incomplete.]

Decrees - National Redemption Council


Holdings: No. 1-360 (1972-1975).

Decrees - Supreme Military Council


Holdings: No. 1-238 (1975-79) [Unbound parts. Incomplete.]

Development Plans

Development plans have been individually catalogued. Please consult the online catalogue for details.

Economic survey - Ghana . Ministry of Finance


Holdings: 1957-1977/1980.

The survey incorporates all the relevant statistical data available in the field of money and banking, public finance, agriculture, manufacturing industries, transport, employment and earning, foreign trade and balance of payments.

Continuation of:

Economic survey - Gold Coast. Ministry of Finance


Holdings: 1953-1955.

Ghana: an official handbook - Ghana. Information Services Department


Holdings: 1971; 1977.

Articles on foreign affairs, defence, law and order, government, banking, economy, revenues, social services, agriculture, trade and tourism are included.

Ghana gazette



1957-1992; 1996- [Unbound parts. Incomplete but good holdings from 1996.]

Main gazette contains government notices. Supplements to 1960 publish acts, decrees and executive, legislative and constitutional instruments. Thereafter these are issued separately.

Executive instruments


Holdings: 1960/61, no. 1-1992, no. 29; 2002, no. 36-

Legislative instruments


Holdings: 1963, no. 1-1992, no. 1535


Holdings: 2003, L.I. 1719- [Incomplete.]

Constitutional instruments


Holdings: 1969, no. 1-1980, no. 11.

Local government bulletin


Holdings: 1957, no. 10-1992, no. 16; 2003, no. 1- [Unbound parts. Incomplete.]

Contains local government notices and text of bye-laws.

Commercial and industrial bulletin


Holdings: 1963, no. 27-1992, no. 22; 2002, no. 39- [Unbound parts. Incomplete.]

Contains government notices relating to companies.

Land and concessions bulletin


Holdings: 1968-1992 [Unbound parts. Incomplete.]

Contains government notices relating to mining licences

Continuation of:

Gold Coast Gazette

Printed version: OGG.80

Holdings: 1885-1957 [Mainly bound vols.]

Microform: SPR.Mic.B.25/2

Holdings: 1876-1957

Main gazette contains government notices only and not legislation.

Local government supplement


Holdings: 1955-1957.

Contains local government notices and text of bye-laws, orders and instruments.

Implementation of the Ghana poverty reduction strategy: annual progress report - Ghana National Development Planning Commission


Holdings: 2002-

Laws of the Provisional National Defence Council


Holdings: 1981-1990 [Unbound parts. Incomplete.]

Parliamentary debates - Ghana. National Assembly

CSC.450/6 (2)

Holdings: 1957/58-1965/66. [Bound annual volumes.]

CSC.450/6 (3)

Holdings: 1964-1980 [Unbound parts. Incomplete.]

Contains statements of the Speaker, announcements, motions, adjournments, sessional addresses, list of National Assembly members and National Assembly officers.

Continuation of:

Legislative Assembly debates - Gold Coast


Holdings: 1951-1957.

Continuation of:

Legislative Council debates - Gold Coast


Holdings: 1919-1924; 1928-1950.

Population census

Censuses are separately catalogued. Please consult the online catalogue for pressmarks.

Holdings: 1921, 1931, 1948, 1960, 1970, 1984.

Each census gives demographic and economic characteristics of the country.

Quarterly digest of statistics - Ghana. Central Bureau of Statistics


Holdings: 1959-1971; June 1981; 1996-

Continuation of:

Digest of statistics - Ghana. Central Bureau of Statistics


Holdings: 1957-1958.

Statistical tables on money and banking, public finance, external trade, balance of payments, prices, education, transport and population.

Quarterly economic bulletin. Bank of Ghana



[Old series] Vol. 10 (1970)-vol. 18, no. 3. (1978).

[New series] Vol. 1, nos. 3-4 (1991); vol. 2 (1992)-vol. 3, no. 2 (1993); vol. 4 (1994)-. [Volume numbering dropped after vol. 8, no. 2 (June 1998).]

Latest issue on Bank of Ghana website at

Subsidiary legislation and other legal notifications


Holdings: 1957-1959

Contains proclamations, orders, rules, regulations and other legal notifications.

White papers - Ghana


Holdings: 1958-1979 [Unbound parts. Incomplete.]

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