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Kenya official publications

Guide to current official publications in the British Library.

Kenya became independent in 1963 with a bicameral National Assembly consisting of a House of Representatives and a Senate. Subsequent constitutional changes have made the National Assembly a unicameral body.



Holdings: 1964- [Unbound parts. Incomplete. Very few held after 1990.]

Continuation of:



Holdings: 1922-1963 [Bound volumes to 1961 then unbound parts.]

Currently issued as a Legislative Supplement to the Kenya Gazette.

Annual report - Central Bank of Kenya


Holdings: 1967-72; 1975-77; 1979-80; 1982; 1984-87; 1997-

International and domestic economic developments are discussed. Includes public finance, monetary policy, balance of payments, administrative developments of the Bank, its balance sheet and accounts. Reports are available in full text on the internet from 2000 at

Annual Report. Kenya Law Reform Commission


Holdings: 1982/83; 1997; 1998

Annual departmental reports relating to Kenya and the East Africa High Commission, 1903/04-1963


Collection covers administration, finance, natural resources, education, housing and social welfare, transport and public works, posts and telecommunications, and commerce. The publisher's guide to the collection is available in the Social Sciences Reading Room reference collection at OPL.967.620043 and on the publisher's website at

The Appropriation accounts


Holdings: 1954/55-1997/98 [Some issues missing but good holdings.]

Includes recurrent appropriation accounts of the Ministries for the year.



Holdings: 1915, 1916, 1956- [Unbound parts. Incomplete.]

Issued as a legislative supplement to the Kenya gazette.

Budget speech - Kenya. Ministry of Finance


Holdings: 1977/78- [Incomplete.]

Speech by the Finance Minister outlines the framework of the Government's economic policy, reports revenue and expenditure for the previous year and for the budget year. Latest available on Ministry of Finance website

Debates - Legislative Council


Holdings: 1925-1963.

Continuation of:

Minutes - Legislative Council


Holdings: 1915-1916; 1924.

For post-independence debates see Official report - National Assembly.

Development plan

CSC.142/28 ( )

Holdings: 1964-70; 1966-70; 1970-74; 1974-78; 1979-83; 1984-88; 1994-96; 1997-2001.

Some of the plans are catalogued separately. Please check the online catalogue for the shelfmarks.

Each plan summarises the achievements of the previous 20 years and the difficulties encountered, confirms long term future objectives and establishes a development strategy for the next five years.

Economic survey


Holdings: 1960-64; 1966-88; 1990-

The survey includes international economy, domestic economy, employment, money, banking and finance, external trade, agriculture, environment and natural resources, energy, transport, tourism, education, health and other social issues. It reviews the economic situation of past year and the outlook for the coming year.

Estimates of development expenditure


Holdings: 1998/99-

Continuation of:

Development estimates


Holdings: 1954/55-1969/70; 1971/72; 1974/75-1977/78; 1979/80-1982/83; 1984/85-1991/92; 1993/94-1996/97.

Estimates of expenditure of all the government departments of Kenya.

Estimates of Recurrent Expenditure. Government Secretariat. [Title varies]


Holdings: 1926- [Incomplete.]

Kenya population and housing census


Holdings: 1999 (11 vol. + 'Popular report').

Continuation of:

Kenya population census


1969CSE.160/10 [vols.2,3 and 4 only]
1989YA.1994.b.7039 + CSC.160/56

The Kenya gazette


Holdings: 1957- [Incomplete but very good holdings. Mainly bound volumes up to 1973.]

Continuation of:

Official gazette of the Colony and Protectorate of Kenya


Holdings: Nov. 1946-1956.

Continuation of:

Official gazette of the East Africa Protectorate


Holdings: 1915-1916.

Continuation of:

Official gazette of the East Africa and Uganda Protectorates


Holdings: 1 Jan-1 Apr. 1904.

The microform set Government Publications Relating to Kenya 1897-1963 at shelfmark SPR.Mic.B.25/7 includes the Official Gazette 1899-1963. There is an index to the microform collection at OPL.967.620043 in the Social Sciences Reading Room and on the publisher's website at

The main gazette contain notices of contracts to be let, trade marks registered, vacancies and appointments in government service and public and legal notices.

Kenya gazette. Supplement


Holdings: 1964- [Unbound parts. Incomplete.]

Kenya statistical digest


Holdings: Vol. 1, 1963- vol. 25, 1985.

Includes tables on population, gross domestic products, balance of trade, exports and imports, foreign exchange rates etc. Ceased publication.

Law Africa

Subscription based web site which collates primary and secondary resource materials, case law, statutory material, legal commentary, etc for Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. The British Library does not subscribe. URL:

Laws of Kenya

CSC.98/71962 + supplements to 1971/74

Consolidated versions.

Legal notices

CSC.98/8 1964- [Unbound parts. Incomplete.]

CSC.135/2 1961-1990. [Unbound parts. Incomplete.]

Issued as a legislative supplement to the Kenya Gazette.

Monthly economic review - Central Bank of Kenya

July 2001-

Available on the Bank's website from 2008 at Consists of a statistical review of economic conditions of the country. Includes important economic events of Kenya .

Official report - Kenya. National Assembly. House of Representatives.

 See Taarifa rasmi


Official Report - Kenya. National Assembly. Senate.


Holdings: Bound volumes 1-7 (1963-1966).

Report of Debates.

Report of the Public Investments Committee on the accounts of state corporations - Kenya. National Assembly. The Committee.


Holdings: 8th (2000)-

Sessional papers


Holdings: 1955-1997 [Unbound parts. Incomplete.]

Subsidiary legislation


Holdings: 1957-1963. [Bound volumes.]

Continuation of:

Proclamations, rules and regulations


Holdings: 1925-1956.

Statistical abstract

Current issue: OPL.967.6200212

Earlier issues:
CSC.110/11. 1955-1962

CSC.110/14. Another copy of 1955-58, then: 1963-77; 1979- 80; 1982-91; 1994-96; 1998-

Includes land and climate, population and vital statistics, national accounts, external trade, finance and public finance, transport, public health, education, labour force and prices. There are explanatory notes at the beginning of each chapter.

Taarifa rasmi - Baraza la Taifa


Holdings: 1974-1979.

Debates in Swahili.

Continuation of:

Official report - Kenya . National Assembly. House of Representatives


Holdings: 1963-1974.


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