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Lesotho official publications

Guide to current official publications in the British Library.

Lesotho (formerly Basutoland) became independent in 1966. The present constitution was introduced in 1993 and provides for a bicameral Parliament consisting of a non-elective Senate and an elected National Assembly with the hereditary monarch as Head of State.

Acts - Lesotho


Holdings: 1980-1982; 2000- [Incomplete.]

Acts are issued as Supplements to the Lesotho government gazette. Full text of selected acts from 1967 is in theory available on the internet.

Annual report - Central Bank of Lesotho


Holdings: 1975; 1979; 1981; 1983; 1985-1986.

Annual reports of the Bank at Reports

The report includes a list of Board members, the Chairman's statement, an overview of Bank operations and administration, financial highlights, director's report and management report for the year.

Annual report. National Development Corporation Lesotho


Holdings: 1980; 1986; 1994/95-

The National Development Corporation is 90% government owned.

Budget speech


Holdings: 2004/05-

Review of the past financial year, the outlook for the economy, financial policy for the next year and proposed government revenue and expenditure. The full text of some budget addresses is included amongst other speeches on the Lesotho government web site.

Education statistics. Lesotho Bureau of Statistics


Holdings: 1981-1984; 1997-

Estimates of revenue and expenditure


Holdings: 1959-1987/88.

Later issues are in 2 parts. Part 1 (entitled Estimates of the Kingdom of Lesotho from 1982 to 1988) is "Revenue account" containing estimates for the current year for each government ministry and department. Part 2 is "Capital account", presenting a summary of programmed expenditure, by ministry.

Five year development plan

Holdings: 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th

Each plan has a different shelfmark. Please check the online catalogue for the details.

Describes financing and administration of the plan, outlines policies and strategies for each section. Background information on Lesotho with emphasis on its overall economic conditions is also given.

Foreign trade statistics


Holdings: 1979; 1980; 1986; 1995-

The foreign trade statistics are compiled on the basis of information collected from customs declaration forms. The analysis includes both imports and exports data over 10 years.

Kingdom of Lesotho in figures


Holdings: 1987-1988; 1993.

This pocket guide is for quick reference use. It contains a summary of important information on Lesotho.

Laws of Lesotho


Holdings: Vol. 11, 1966 - vol. 24, 1979; vol. 27, 1982.

Compilation of acts and subsidiary legislation enacted and passed during the year.

Continuation of:

Laws of Basutoland


Holdings Vol. 5, 1960-vol. 10, 1965.

Legal notices - Lesotho


Holdings: No. 11, 1970- [Very incomplete.]

Legal notices are issued as supplements to the Lesotho government gazette from 1970, but were previously included in the Gazette itself.

Lesotho government gazette



1966-1971Bound volumes
1978-1988Unbound parts [Incomplete.]
1996Unbound parts [Incomplete but most issues held.]
1999-Unbound parts [Incomplete but good holdings.]

The main gazette contains government notices.

Continuation of:

Basutoland Government Gazette


Holdings: 1963-1966. Unbound parts. [Incomplete but good holdings.]

Continuation of:

Official gazette of the High Commissioner for Basutoland, the Bechuanaland Protectorate and Swaziland.


Holdings: 1935-1959. Bound volumes to 1954 then unbound parts [Incomplete but good holdings.]

Continuation of:

Official gazette of the High Commissioner for South Africa


Holdings: 1901-1913; 1916-1934. Bound volumes.

Includes government notices, Acts, orders, bye-laws.

Lesotho statistical yearbook

Current issue: OPL.968.600212

Earlier issues: CSD. 561/2

Holdings: 1992-1994; 1996.

[None issued since 1996.]

Includes demographic, economic and social data. Covers geography and climate, population, education, health, tourism, agriculture, foreign trade, national accounts, transport, money and banking, prices and prisons. There is a price list of the Bureau of Statistics publications.

Annual statistical bulletin


Holdings: 1972-73; 1975-79; 1981-82; 1984.

National accounts - Lesotho. Bureau of Statistics.


Holdings: 1972/73; 1974/75; 1975/1984; 1980/1999-

Parliamentary debates of the Senate, daily Hansards


Holdings: June 1993-Feb. 1998.

The debates of the Senate contains ministers' statements and answers to the questions in the Parliament.

Parliamentary Debates of the Interim National Assembly


Holdings: 1973-1983 [Unbound parts. Incomplete.]

Parliamentary Debates - National Assembly


Holdings: 1965-1969 [Unbound parts. Incomplete.]

Continuation of:

Legislative Council Debates


Holdings: 1961-1965 [Unbound parts. Incomplete.]

Continuation of:

Basutoland Council proceedings


Holdings: 1946-1958. Bound volumes

Population census

Holdings: 1911; 1946; 1956; 1976; 1986; 1996-

Each census has a different shelfmark. Please check the online catalogue for details.

The census report brings forth an evaluation and analysis of the basic demographic data including data on population size and growth, fertility, population estimates and distribution, mortality, migration, population projects for the next five years and urbanisation.

Report of the Auditor-General on the public accounts of Lesotho - Lesotho. Office of the Auditor-General.


Holdings: 2002-

Speeches of the Prime Minister of Lesotho


[Miscellaneous speeches not catalogued separately. Currently received.]

Statistical reports - Lesotho. Bureau of Statistics

Various shelfmarks. Have numbering within year but shelved by subseries such as "Transport and communications statistics" below.

Transport and communications statistics - Lesotho. Bureau of Statistics


Holdings: 1992-1999 (1 vol.); 2002-

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