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Namibia official publications

Guide to current official publications in the British Library.

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Namibia (formerly South West Africa) achieved independence from South Africa in 1990. The bicameral legislature consists of a National Assembly elected by proportional representation and National Council consisting of two members from each Regional Council.

Acts See Government Gazette of the Republic of Namibia.

Annual report - Bank of Namibia

The report presents the activities and the annual accounts of the Bank. Includes the report of the Registrar of Banks and Building Societies and the state of economy for the year. Reports from 1990 are available in full text at the Bank of Namibia web site at

Annual report - Namibia. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Information and Broadcasting


Holdings: 2001/02-

Annual report - Namibia. Ministry of Mines and Energy


Holdings: 2000/01-

Annual report - Namibia. Ministry of Women Affairs and Child Welfare


Holdings: 2000-

Bills see Government Gazette of the Republic of Namibia

Budget statement - Namibia. Ministry of Finance


Holdings: 2003/04-


Budget statement and other budget documents are available on the Ministry of Finance website at

Debates of the National Assembly of Namibia


Holdings: 1st Parliament. Vols. 5-12 (Sept. 1990-June 1991); vols. 15-47 (Oct. 1991-Mar. 1995). 2nd Parliament. Vols. 1-10 (May 1995-June 1996); vol. 22 (Oct. 1997)-

Continuation of:

Debates of the Legislative Assembly, South West Africa


Holdings: 1977-1980

The debates include answers to the questions in the Parliament, list of bills, list of the members and speeches of the Prime Minister and of the other ministers.

Continuation of:

Votes and proceedings of the Legislative Assembly, South West Africa


Holdings: 1927-1966

Estimates of revenue and expenditure for financial year ... - Namibia. State Revenue Fund


Holdings: 2003/04-

Government gazette of the Republic of Namibia


Holdings: 1991-

1991-1995. Bound volumes

1996- Unbound parts. [Incomplete - good holdings.]

The regular issues of the Gazette contains acts, regulations and government notices. Full text of Acts and Bills in progress are found at the Namibia Parliament web site 

Continuation of:

Official gazette of South West Africa



1921Bound with 1915-1920 of earlier title .
1946-1969Bound volumes.
1970-1976Unbound parts. [Incomplete - poor holdings.]
1977-1982Unbound parts. [Incomplete - good holdings.]
1988-1989Unbound parts. [Incomplete - good holdings.]

Continuation of:

Official gazette of the Protectorate of South-West Africa in military occupation of the Union forces


Holdings: 1915-1920. Bound volume.

Laws of the Republic of Namibia


Holdings: 1990-

Continuation of:

Laws of South West Africa


Holdings: 1923-1966; 1979; 1983-1989

An annual compilation of the laws of the Republic of Namibia and is a part of the Government gazette.

Medium term expenditure framework - Namibia. Ministry of Finance


Holdings: 2003/04-2005/06-

Namibia economic review and prospects - Namibian Economic Policy Research Unit


Holdings: 2000/01-

National accounts - Namibia. Planning Commission


Holdings: 1980-1995 (1 vol.)

Includes external trade indexes, government income, expenditure, savings, imports and exports.

National development plan - Namibia. National Planning Commission

Holdings: 1995/1996-1999/2000

Vol. 1 - YA.1997.b.6232

Vol. 2 - YA.1998.b.18

This is Namibia's first national development plan. It sets out the main medium-term development objectives including the expansion and restructuring of the economy, creation of more employment opportunities, a poverty re-education strategy, and the reduction of the economic imbalances prevailing in different parts of the country. There are sections on population and development, planning for national development, economic structure and performance. There are various tables and charts.

Population and housing census - Namibia. National Planning Commission

CSD.444/451991Preliminary report
CSD.444/441991Administrative and methodological report

Statistical abstract - Namibia. Central Statistics Office


1994-No.3 (1994) at OPE.9.x.9

Various data on land and climate, population and vital statistics, health and housing, public order, education, labour, agriculture, transport, tourism, mining, water and electricity, banking, foreign trade and balance of payments.

Statistical/economic review - Namibia. Ministry of Finance


Holdings: 1988-1990

Reviews the current economic developments of Namibian and South African economies. There are sections on the balance of payments and economic prospects for the year.

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