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Nigeria official publications

Guide to current official publications in the British Library.

Full independence was achieved by the Federation of Nigeria in 1960 and it became a republic in 1963. The republic was overthrown by a military coup in January 1966. A bloody civil war ensued following the secession of the Eastern Region as Biafra in 1967.

The constitution promulgated in 1979 provided for a National Assembly consisting of the Senate and the House of Representatives. Following a military coup on December 31st 1983, parts of the constitution were modified or suspended and the National Assembly was replaced by a Supreme Military Council. Following another coup in 1985 the Supreme Military Council was renamed the Armed Forces Ruling Council and a Constitution Review Committee was appointed to revise the 1979 constitution. The new constitution promulgated in 1989 made minor revisions to the 1979 document, but the then government was dissolved by another military coup in 1993 and the 1979 constitution was restored. A Provisional Ruling Council took control of the government but civilian rule was restored in 1999.

Under a new constitution promulgated in 1999, legislative powers are vested in a National Assembly comprising a Senate and a House of Representatives.

Annual abstract of statistics - Nigeria. Department of Statistics


Holdings: 1960-1961; 1962-1985; 1985-1986; 1991; 1993; 1995-1998; 2001-

Includes statistics on population and migration, social conditions, employment, education, production, transport and communications, external trade, balance of payments, prices, national accounts, public finance, banking and insurance.

Annual departmental reports relating to Nigeria and the British Cameroons , 1887-1960


Reports cover administration, finance, law enforcement, natural resources, education, medical services, social welfare, transport and public works, Post Office and telecommunications, and commerce. A guide to the collection is available on open access in the Social Sciences Reading Room at OPL.966.90043 and on the publisher's website at

Annual report and statement of accounts - Central Bank of Nigeria


Holdings: 1962-1985; 1987; 1990; 1993; 1995-1998; 2002-

The report reviews Nigeria's economic and financial development, covering industrial and agricultural production, prices, foreign trade, housing and the social sector. Sections are devoted to international economic developments and information on the Bank's operations. Annual reports and other publications are also available on the bank website at

Approved budget recurrent and capital estimates - Nigeria


Holdings: 1970/72-1972/73; 1983-1993

Contains detailed and summary revenue estimates at the federal level. Description of responsibilities and detailed accounts of recurrent and capital expenditure for each government department and ministry are given.

Budget speech


Holdings: 1956-1999.

Each year the speech reviews the budget of the previous year, outlook for the year, main policy objectives, strategies and programme priorities for the year, revenue estimates, expenditure estimates, state and local government finance. Budget speeches from 1999 are on the Budget Office website at



Holdings: 1917-1951

Subsequently issued in Federation of Nigeria Gazette Supplement B.

CBN bullion

Selected issues from 1996-

See the Central Bank of Nigeria website at

Contains articles on a wide range of economic issues relating to Nigeria.

CBN circulars


Available at the Central Bank of Nigeria website.

Debates of the House of Representatives: official report

Daily edition: CSC.504/9

Holdings: 1956-1966

Bound volumes: CSC.504/6

Holdings: 1952-1966

Daily edition: CSC.520/104

Holdings: 1979-1980

Bound volumes: CSC.520/104(2)

Holdings: 1979

Debates of the Senate: official report

Daily edition: CSC.497/6

Holdings: 1960/61-1965/1966

Bound volumes: CSC.497/5

Holdings: 1960/61-1965/66

Daily edition: CSC.520/103

Holdings: 1979-1980

Bound volumes: CSC.520/103(2)

Holdings: 1979

Continuation of:

Minutes of the Legislative Council


Holdings: 1924-1939 Unbound parts. [Incomplete.]

Prior to 1924 the Minutes are to be found in the government gazettes.


Debates of the Legislative Council

CSC.504 1923-1925; 1933-1951. Bound volumes.

CSC.497 1926-1933. Unbound parts.

Digest of statistics - Nigeria. Federal Office of Statistics


Holdings: Vols. 1-26 (1951-1976. Few issues missing but good holdings); vol. 28 (1981); 1985; 1987; 1989; 1994; 1996; 1998-

Data presented are provided by the government agencies including some private establishments. All the data are given in tabular form. There are explanatory notes to facilitate the understanding of the tables. Statistics on population, national accounts, employment, production, consumption, prices, external trade, balance of payments, transport, public finance and banking are given.

Economic and financial review - Central Bank of Nigeria


Holdings: Vol. 1, 1963- [Good holdings for vols. 1-25, 1963-1987 but only odd issues held thereafter.]

Brief reviews and articles on current economic developments of the country are given. There are statistical tables on banking, international trade, money and capital markets, production, prices and government finance. From vol.37 (1999) available in full text at the Bank's website at

Estimates of the Government of Nigeria


Holdings: 1936/37-1940/41; 1946/47; 1950/51-1972/73; 1988

(plus various unbound "Supplementary estimates")

Includes revenue summary, summary of the budget and expenditure summary. Appendices are on the different funds.

Laws of Nigeria


Holdings: 1933-1940; 1941-1946; 1948/49 supplementary volume of subsidiary legislation; 1951-1958; 1960-1961; 1963; 1969-1971; 1973-1975; 1977-1980/81. Bound volumes.


Holdings: 1923 + annual supplements to 1933

This annual volume of the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria contains acts/ordinances and subsidiary legislation passed in each year.

Legal Notices


Holdings: 1954

Subsequently issued in Federation of Nigeria Gazette Supplement B.

Monetary Policy Committee Communique - Central Bank of Nigeria

No.1, 2001-

Available at the Central Bank of Nigeria website 

National development plan

1962-1968CSC. 476/33 and SPR.Mic.E.41
1970-1974CSC. 487/202
1975-1980CSC. 520/251
1981-1985CSC. 520/339 [ Project summary] and CSC.520/236 [Outline]

Information on past developments is given with detailed plans for the economic sector including agriculture, commerce, forestry, transport and manufacturing. Social section includes health, education, housing and population. There are project summaries and budget allocations are included.

Nigeria Handbook

Current issue: OPL.966.900202 (1997 ed.)

Earlier issues: CSC.515/106

Holdings: 1917; 1925-27; 1933; 1936; 1953; 1970; 1973-74; 1977-78/79; 1982; 1991

Federal Republic of Nigeria Official Gazette


Holdings: Oct.1963-1988

1963-1974.Bound volumes.
1975-1979.Unbound parts. [Incomplete - good holdings.]
1980-1988.Unbound parts. [Incomplete - poor holdings.]

Continuation of:

Federation of Nigeria Official Gazette


Holdings: October 1954-Sept. 1963. Bound volumes.

Continuation of:

Nigeria Gazette


Holdings: 1914-Sept. 1954. Bound volumes.

Continuation of:

Government gazette - Colony of Lagos


Holdings: 1887-1898. Bound volumes

1900-1906. Unbound parts.


CSC.503/4 1950-1972

OGN.200/2 1916-1932. Bound volumes.

Regular issues of the Gazette contain notices and administrative information. Supplements contain ordinances/acts, subsidiary legislation and local by-laws. Supplements for 1933-1939 are bound in separate volumes and filed at OGN.200. Supplements for 1940-1949 are bound with the main gazette. From 1964 most supplements were filed with the main gazette. A duplicate set of the Gazette 1887-1959 is held on microfilm at SPR.Mic.B.25/5.



Holdings: 1925-1953. Unbound parts. [Incomplete.]

Subsequently issued in Federation of Nigeria Gazette Supplement B.

Orders in Council


Holdings: 1878-1953. Unbound parts. [Incomplete.]

Subsequently issued in Federation of Nigeria Gazette Supplement B.




1914-1920Bound volumes.
1921-32Unbound parts.
1933; 1935-1954Bound volumes.

Subsequently issued in Federation of Nigeria Gazette Supplement A.

Continuation of:

Ordinances - Colony of Southern Nigeria


Holdings: 1896; 1902-1913

Population census - Nigeria. National Population Commission

1952/53CSC.499/10 and CSC.473/8
1991CSC. 520/383

Proceedings - Constituent Assembly


Holdings: 1977-1978

Report of the Accountant-General together with financial statements ...


Holdings: 1945/46-1965; 1967; 1969-1971; 1973-1977; 1979; 1982

The report fully explains the financial position of the Federal Government, including public debt, funded loans, general investments, revenue and expenditure. It also reviews the activities of the Treasury Department.

Continuation of:

Report on the accounts and finances


Holdings: 1935/36-1944/45

Continuation of:

Treasurer's report


Holdings: 1922/23-1934/35



Holdings: 1912-1953. Unbound parts. [Incomplete - good holdings.]

Subsequently issued in Federation of Nigeria Gazette Supplement B.

Resolutions/Regulations and Orders


Holdings: 1933-1953. Unbound parts. [Incomplete.]

Subsequently issued in Federation of Nigeria Gazette Supplement B.



Holdings: 1901-1952. Unbound parts. [Incomplete.]

Subsequently issued in Federation of Nigeria Gazette Supplement B.

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