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Sierra Leone official publications

Guide to current official publications in the British Library.

Sierra Leone Web - Provides access to general information about Sierra Leone, including current news, full text of key documents (including laws) and speeches, the activities of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and an excellent database of links. 

Republic of Sierra Leone - Office of the Sierra Leone President.

Sierra Leone became independent in 1961. It was declared a republic on April 19th 1971, and a one party state based on the All People's Congress in 1978. The President was elected by delegates of the All People's Congress and there was a House of Representatives. A military coup on 29th April 1992 deposed the president and set up a National Provisional Ruling Council. The NPRC was reconstituted as the Supreme Council of State in July 1992, and the cabinet replaced by a Council of Secretaries. The chairman of the Supreme Council of State was in turn deposed by a further military coup on January 16th 1996. Presidential and Parliamentary elections in Feb.-March 1996 resulted in a new government led by President Kabbah. He was ousted in May 1997 by a group of junior officers. In February 1998 a Nigerian-led intervention force ousted the junta in turn and restored President Kabbah. However civil war broke out again in 1999 and lasted until 2001 when the rebel Revolutionary United Front formally recognised the civil government of President Kabbah.

There is currently a unicameral legislature called the Parliament.

Annual report and statement of accounts ... - Bank of Sierra Leone


Holdings: 1964-1983; 1999-

The report is in 3 parts. Part A discusses financial and economic developments during the past year, overview of the economy of the country, information on money and banking, finance, international trade, mining, agriculture, industry and prices. Part B is the report of the Board of Directors, auditor's report and the balance sheet. Part C consists of statistical tables on money supply. Annual reports from 2001 are available at the Bank of Sierra Leone web site.

Annual statistical digest - Sierra Leone. Central Statistics Office

Latest issue: OPL966.400212

Earlier issues: CSC.532/204

Holdings: 1968-1985; 2001-

The digest includes statistical data on geography, climate, population health, education, employment, national accounts, prices, transportation, foreign trade, balance of payments, banking and finance. The 2001 and 2004 editions are also available on the Statistics Sierra Leone website at

Balance of payments - Bank of Sierra Leone. Research Department


Holdings: 1963/65-1983/85

It has been compiled to show the value of transactions between residents of Sierra Leone and non-residents. Also includes summary tables. Current figures are available at the Bank of Sierra Leone website at

BSL bulletin - Bank of Sierra Leone


Holdings: 1997-2000.

The bulletin discusses the economic issues affecting the country. There are speeches on various financial topics by the Bank's officials and contains public notices. Bulletins from 2002 are also available at the Bank of Sierra Leone website 

Budget speech - Sierra Leone. Ministry of Finance


Holdings: 1963-1986/87

The budget speech of the Minister of Finance includes budgetary performance of the previous year, the state of the country's economy, expenditure on salaries and wages, revenue, public expenditure, employment and direct taxation. Budget speeches can be found on the Internet at the Bank of Sierra Leone website at

Census of population and housing - Sierra Leone. Central Statistical Office

CSC.523/41963, vol.1
CSC.523/31963, Advance reports

It gives summary results of mortality, fertility and growth rate and data relating to education, housing construction and water supply. The preliminary and analytical reports from the 1985 census and a draft pilot report from the 2003 census are available on the Statistics Sierra Leone website at

Debates - House of Representatives


Holdings: 1958/59-1975/76

Continuation of:

Debates - Legislative Council


Holdings: 1922/23-1955/56/57

Development plans

Holdings: 1946-

These have been individually catalogued. Please see the Public catalogue for shelf marks.

Economic review - Bank of Sierra Leone


Holdings: 1966-1985

Statistical tables on banking, money supply, central government finance, balance of payments, international trade, agriculture, employment, industry and mining is presented. Economic reviews from 2001 are available at the Bank of Sierra Leone

Estimates of revenue and expenditure ... - Sierra Leone. Treasury


Holdings: 1950-1988/1989

Detailed estimates of revenue and expenditure for the national budget are given.

National accounts of Sierra Leone


Holdings: 1963/64-1985/86

The national accounts of Sierra Leone present the estimates of national product, private consumption expenditure, capital formation, public sector transactions and consolidated accounts. There are various tables.

The Sierra Leone gazette



May 1961-1972.Bound volumes.
1973-1986.Unbound parts. [Incomplete - good holdings.]
1987-1989.Unbound parts. [Incomplete - poor holdings.]

Continuation of:

Sierra Leone Royal Gazette

Printed version: OGS.190

Holdings: 1915-1961. Bound volumes.

Microform version: SPR.Mic.B.25/4

Holdings: 1808-1961



CSC.541/5(8) 1961-1988


CSC.541/5(3) 1947-1986

CSC.541/2 1941-1946

Government Notices

CSC.541/5(6) 1943-1956

Consists of proclamations.


CSC.541/5(4) 1939-1961

Public notices

CSC.541/5(5) 1943-1988

CSC.541/4 1949 only

Trade marks

CSC.541/5(7) 1945-1985

Sierra Leone in figures - Bank of Sierra Leone


Holdings: 1969-1971

Brief statistics on population, industrial production, agricultural production, transport, employment, money and banking and balance of payments are given. Figures for 1998 can be found on the website.

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