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Swaziland official publications

Guide to current official publications in the British Library.

Official web site of the Swaziland government

Includes links to Ministry web sites and full text of current issue of Swaziland Today, a government newsletter.

Swaziland became independent on 6th September 1968. The country is an absolute monarchy ruled by the King in conjunction with the Queen Mother. Parliament consists of a House of Assembly (part elected, part appointed by the monarch) and a House of Senators (appointed by the monarch and the House of Assembly). Political parties are banned, but illegal parties and trade unions do campaign for greater democracy. There is also a traditional Swazi National Council headed by the King and Queen Mother at which all Swazi men are entitled to be heard.

Annual report - Central Bank of Swaziland

The report covers Swaziland's economy, internal economic developments, balance of payments, public finance, external debt and local government. Also describes the operations of the Bank. Full text of recent reports is available on the Bank's website.

Annual report - Swaziland. Department of Labour


Holdings: 1964-1985

Records developments in, and statistics of, employment, wages, and prices.

Annual statistical bulletin - Swaziland. Department of Statistics


Holdings: 1966-

The bulletin covers land and climate, population and vital statistics, migration, tourism, agriculture, foreign trade, transport and communication, mining, fuel and power, employment and earnings, industry, commerce and construction, banking and insurance, public finance, national accounts, prices and cost of living, education and health.

Budget speech - Swaziland. Ministry of Finance


Holdings: 1973-1983; 2004-

Budget speech covers government income and expenditure, an economic review of the year, the international economic scene, the impact of external economic events on the domestic economy and the financial position of the government. Full text of speeches from 2003 are available on the government website then select "Ministry of Finance" and follow links.

Development plan - Swaziland. Ministry of Economic Planning and Development

Each development plan has a different shelfmark. Please check the online catalogue for the details.

Holdings: 1963/66-1996/97

Development plans are issued every 3 years and revised annually at the time of the budget. Each plan reviews Swaziland's economy and international economic developments, and outlines the economic outlook for the coming three years. A section is devoted to sectoral development programmes describing the main development activities, policy measures and institutional reforms. Appendices are a useful source of economic and social statistical data.

Employment and wages - Swaziland. Central Statistical Office


Holdings: 1970/71-1984

Includes detailed analysis of employment and wages in private and public sectors and labour and industrial relations statistics.

Estimates of revenue and expenditure for the .... - Swaziland


Holdings: 1949/50-1986/87


Holdings: 2004/07-

Details of revenue, recurrent and capital expenditures is given. Each government department outlines its objectives and the main activities at the beginning of each section.

Hansard report of the ... - Swaziland. Senate (formerly Official Report (Hansard) ... - Swaziland. Senate)


Holdings: 1967-1997 [Incomplete]; 2003-

Senate debates on various topics. Includes list of Senators, members of the Cabinet and Parliamentary officers.

Part continuation of:

Debates - Legislative Council


Holdings: 1964-1967

Laws - Government Committee, Swaziland


Holdings: 1891/92

Laws of Swaziland

CSD.470 (1949)

CSD.470/9 (1959)

Consolidated editions.

Medium Term Budget Review - Ministry of Finance


Holdings: 2003/04-

Minutes of the Re-constituted European Advisory Council


Holdings: 1949-64

National accounts - Swaziland. Central Statistical Office


Holdings: 1973-1978/84

News from Swaziland - Swaziland. Government Information Services


Holdings: 1979-1989

Official report (Hansard) .- Swaziland. House of Assembly

(1990-1995 issues entitled "Proceedings" or "Weekly Proceedings")


Holdings: 1967-1971; 1990-1995; 1999. [Incomplete.]

Similar to Senate debates.

Official report (Hansard) ...- Swaziland. Joint sitting of both Houses of Parliament


Holdings: 1992- [Incomplete.]

Orders in Council, proclamations and principal government notices


Holdings: 1903-1908

Report by the Auditor General on the work of the Office of the Auditor General and on the accounts of the Government of the Kingdom of Swaziland for the financial year ended ... - Swaziland. Office of the Auditor General.


Holdings: 2003-

State Opening of Parliament ... : speech from the Throne


Holdings: 2004-

Statutes of Swaziland


Holdings: Consolidated statutes in force, 1970 plus 1970-78 updates.

Swaziland census - Swaziland


1986CSD.491/44 (vol. 1); CSD.491/45 (vol. 2); CSD.491/46 (vol. 3); CSD.491/47 (vol. 4)
1997OPE.2004.x.98 (vol. 4 - Analytical report)

The 1986 census is in 4 volumes. Vols. 1 and 3 are devoted to population characteristics. Vol. 2 is a methodological report. Analytical reports on population distribution, age and sex breakdowns, fertility, mortality, internal migration and urbanization, education, economic activities and labour force are included in Vol. 4.

Swaziland government gazette



1963-1974. Bound volumes.

1875-1985 Unbound parts. [Incomplete but good holdings.]

Regular issues of the gazette contain general notices. Supplements are devoted to acts, bills and legal notices.



Holdings: 1964-1978

The Gazette supplement contains bills, legal notices, orders, etc

Swaziland human development report


Holdings: 2000-

Swaziland legislation


Holdings: 1965-1968

Continuation of:

Swaziland proclamations...


Holdings: 1944; 1952-1964

Quarterly digest of statistics - Swaziland. Central Statistical Office


Holdings: 1974-1977

Continuation of:

Statistical news and economic indicators - Swaziland. Central Statistical Office


Holdings: 1971-1974

Statistical news on imports by commodities, domestics exports, production and sales of crops, retail prices index, balance of payments, and tourism.

Treasury annual report for the financial year ... - Swaziland. Treasury


Holdings: 2003-

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