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Tanzania official publications

Guide to current official publications in the British Library.

German East Africa was conquered by the allies in the First World War and was subsequently divided between the Portuguese, the Belgians and the British. The country was administered as a League of Nations mandate until 1946 and then as a UN Trusteeship Territory until 9th December 1961. Tanganyika (Tanzania) became independent on that date. On 26th April 1964 Tanganyika, Zanzibar and Pemba combined to form Tanzania.

There is a unicameral National Assembly known as the Bunge.

Government website:

Includes budget speeches since 2001/02, and the texts of other important government publications.


CSC.209/9 1962-1964

CSC.209/14 1965-1987; 1999-

Issued as supplements to the Tanzania Gazette.

Annual plan


Holdings: 1971/72-1982/83; 1991/92; 2000/01-


CSC.209/151964-1988; 1999-2001

Issued as supplements to the Tanzania gazette.

Economic and operations report - Bank of Tanzania


Holdings: 1970-1982; 2000-

Text in English and Swahili. The report describes the economic situation with special reference to financial development and bank policies. Reviews bank operations. The reports from 2001 onwards are available in full text on the Bank of Tanzania website.

Economic bulletin - Bank of Tanzania


Holdings: 1971- [Incomplete.]

Published quarterly and discusses overall economic development of the country. Bulletins from 1999 are available in full text on the Bank of Tanzania website.

Economic survey


Holdings: 1970/71-1982; 1991-1992; 1997; 2001-

Published in English and Swahili editions. The survey is in 3 parts. Part 1 present brief general review of the economy. Part 2 gives detailed discussion of most economic trends including topics like output, income, external trade, balance of payments, public finance and banking, employment, wages and international economic situation. Part 3 is devoted to sectoral development.

Continuation of:

Annual economic survey


Holdings: 1969

Estimates of public expenditure consolidated fund services ... - Tanzania. National Assembly


Holdings: 1977/78-1983/84

Includes consolidated fund services and supply votes.

Estimates of the revenue and expenditure...


Holdings: 1924/25-1973/1974

Text in English and Swahili. Detailed estimates of revenues and expenditure are given including topics like customs, posts and telegraph, taxes and licences, railways and land sales. Also includes revenue and expenditures of different government departments and services. Includes tables.

Financial statement and revenue estimates for the year . - Tanzania. National Assembly


Holdings: 1981/82-1985/86

Presents the revenue estimates and financial statements as submitted to the National Assembly.

Gazeti - Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania


Holdings: 1976-2001. [Incomplete - very few parts held after 1988.]

Text in Swahili. Contains government administrative notices and announcements. See below for English editions.

Gazette of the Republic of Tanzania (formerly Gazette of the United Republic of Tanzania)


Holdings: 1965-1976. Unbound parts. [Incomplete.]


Text in English and Swahili. There is no index.

Continuation of:

Gazette of the United Republic of Tanganyika and Zanzibar


Holdings: Apr.-Dec. 1964 only

Continuation of:

Tanganyika gazette (formerly Tanganyika Territory gazette)


Holdings: 1937-1964. Unbound parts. [Incomplete but very good holdings.]


Contains government administrative notices and announcements. Text in English.

Supplement. Registered teachers


Holdings: 1951-1961. Unbound parts. [Incomplete.]

There is a microform version of the Gazette from 1919 to 1961 available at SPR.Mic.B.25/8.

Laws in force

CSC.209/121947-1954 + annual supplements 1955-1969
CSC.209/18Annual supplement 1995

Majadiliano ya Bunge Taarifa Rasmi


Holdings: 1964-1997

Text in Swahili. Includes verbatim debates, parliamentary questions and answers.

Continuation of:

Parliamentary debates - Tanganyika National Assembly



Continuation of:

Debates (formerly Proceedings) of the Legislative Council, Tanganyika


Holdings: 1926/27-1961

Minutes - Legislative Council


Holdings: 1941-1959

Issued as supplements to the Gazette

National Bureau of Statistics

The main gateway to statistical information on Tanzania. It gives access to reports of demographic, social and economic surveys and the results of the 2002 population census.



Population census - Tanzania. National Bureau of Statistics

CSC.182/21931, Non-native census
CSC.1821931, African population
CSC.182/31948, Non-native census
CSC.182/41952, Non-native census
CSC.220/181957, African population
CSC.182/51957, Non-native census report
OPE.2004.x.1352002, General report.

Results of the 2002 census appear on the Population and Housing Census website.

Quarterly statistical bulletin - Tanzania. National Bureau of Statistics


Holdings: 1974-1984

The bulletin includes tables of statistics on population, migration, climate, national accounts, agriculture, forestry, electricity, foreign trade, finance, transport, tourism and prices.

Continuation of:

Monthly statistical bulletin

CSC.196/3 1951-1964

CSC.196/10 1964-1974

Continuation of:

Monthly statistical supplement


Holdings: 1949

Rolling plan and forward budget - Tanzania. Ministry of Finance


Holdings: 1993/94-1995/96; 1994/95-1996/97

Replaces five year development plans issued from 1946 onwards which are separately catalogued. See the Online Catalogue for shelfmarks.

Subsidiary Legislation


Holdings: 1964-1993; 2001-

Issued as supplement to the official gazette.

Continuation of:

Government Notices

CSC.209/7 1937; 1942-1943

CSC.209/7(1) 1932; 1937-1938; 1944-1964; 1968

Consists of subsidiary legislation issued as a supplement to the official gazette.

Summary statement of appropriation accounts, statement of revenue, and other public accounts for financial year . - Tanzania. Ministry of Finance


Holdings: 1999/2000-

Survey of employment and earnings - Tanzania. Bureau of Statistics


Holdings: 1968-1979/80

Continuation of:

Employment and earnings in Tanganyika


Holdings: 1961-1967

Annually conducted by the Bureau of Statistics. The survey includes topics like employment by terms of employment and major industries, annual wage bill by industries, by public services sector, indices of wages and prices, total employment and average earnings.

Tanzania statistical abstract - Tanzania. National Bureau of Statistics


Holdings: 1938/51-1995

Statistics on climate, government, population, employment, national accounts, agriculture, industry, education and health are included.

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