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Uganda Official Publications

Guide to current official publications in the British Library.

Uganda became a British Protectorate in 1894, the province of Buganda being recognised as a separate kingdom under its Kabaka. It was granted internal self-government in 1961 with federal status for Buganda. It became independent in 1962 and a Republic with Dr Milton Obote as President in 1967. Dr Obote was overthrown by General Idi Amin in 1971. Following a period of widespread oppression, General Amin was overthrown in 1979. Dr Obote was restored as President in 1980 but was overthrown in 1985 and replaced by Lt General Yoweri Museveni.

Under the Independence Constitution a unicameral National Assembly replaced the Legislative Council. This arrangement lasted until 1971 when democratic institutions were abolished under the rule of Idi Amin (1971-79). Following the overthrow of Idi Amin there was an Interim Parliament which acted as the Supreme Legislative Body until 1980. This was replaced by the Fourth Parliament which lasted until the government was overthrown in a military coup in 1985. In 1986 the National Resistance Movement under Lt. General Museveni came to power and set up the National Resistance Council. This lasted until 1994 when a Constituent Assembly was established to finalise the new constitution which came into force in 1996. Under this constitution the supreme legislative body is the unicameral Parliament of Uganda, while Museveni has remained as President winning "non-party" elections in 1996 and 2001.

Acts See Statutes

Annual report - Bank of Uganda


Holdings: 1999/2000-

The report gives an overview of Uganda's economic, financial and monetary policies and development, government budgetary operations and external sector developments. Reports from 1998/99 are available in full text on the Bank's website.

Annual report - Uganda Human Rights Commission


Holdings: 2001/02-

Approved estimates of revenue and expenditure (recurrent and development) ... for the
year ending.


Holdings: 2001/02-

Approved estimates of development expenditure


Holdings: 1983/84-1988/89

Continuation of:

Estimates of development expenditure


Holdings: 1964/65-1972/73

Contains approved estimates of development expenditure of government departments. Most of the information is in tabular form.

Approved estimates of recurrent expenditure


Holdings: 1986/87-1988/89

Continuation of:

Estimates of recurrent expenditure ... - Uganda


Holdings: 1964/65-1970/71

Summary of the recurrent expenditure of government departments.

Background to the budget - Uganda. Ministry of Finance


Holdings: 1957/58-1989/90


Holdings: 2003/04-

Reviews Uganda's economy with detailed analysis of each sector. It also covers the achievements of the past year, the outlook for the coming year and a description of projects undertaken. An excellent source of up to date economic and social statistics.

Bills - Uganda


Holdings: 1942-1971; 1984; 1994-

Issued as a special supplement to the Uganda gazette. A database of full text of some Bills from 2000 onwards can be found on the Parliament of Uganda web site by following the links from its home page at

Budget speech - Uganda. Ministry of Finance


Holdings: 1967-68; 1971; 1978; 1980-84; 1987; 1989-

Covers performance of the economy during the financial year, fiscal policies implemented, gross domestic product, medium term economic and budgetary strategy and budget expenditure proposals for the coming year. Budget documentation from 1999/2000 is available in full text at the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development website.

Development cooperation Uganda


Holdings: 2002-

Development plan

1st, 1961/62-1965/66-

Development plans are entered separately in the catalogue. Please check the online catalogue for shelfmarks.

Financial statements and revenue estimates


Holdings: 1964/65-1989/90

Continuation of:

Financial summary and revenue estimates - Uganda


Holdings: 1961/62-1963/64

Revenue estimates and financial summary in form of tables.

Key economic indicators - Uganda Bureau of Statistics

Quarterly publication focuses on the performance of the economy and contains socio-economic indicators used to monitor progress. Covers national accounts, monetary matters, revenue collection, external trade, industrial production, prices, fuel sales, exchange rates, population and migration. Recent issues are available in full text on the Bureau's website by following the links from the home page.

Laws of Uganda


Consolidations of legislation in force.

Legal notices


Holdings: 1963-73; 1987

Issued as supplements to the Uganda Gazette.

Monthly economic and financial indicators - Bank of Uganda

Last five years are available in full text at the Bank's website. Includes foreign exchange rates, monetary aggregates, inflation, interest rates, and commodity prices.



Holdings: 1901/08-1924/29

Ordinances and subsidiary legislation


1927-1951. Bound annual volumes.

1952/53 - 1966. Unbound supplements to the Gazette.

Population census

CSC.239/8 & CSC.579/251959 (African population)
CSC.579/271959 (non-African population)
CSC.245/91948 (non-African population)

The census gives population by district, urban-rural distribution, urban centres and cities and towns. There are figures on population density, growth rates, age and sex and religion. The 1991 census is the first to include information on households. Background information on, and some results of, the 2002 Census can be found at the Uganda Bureau of Statistics website by following the link from the home page.

Minutes of proceedings of the National Assembly


Holdings: 1962-70 [Incomplete.]

Records actions, not debates. Issued as a supplement to the Official Gazette.

Parliamentary debates (Hansard) - Parliament of Uganda


Holdings: 1990/91-2002. [A few issues are held for 1990, 1991 and 1992, then good holdings for 1996-Mar.2002.]

See the Parliament website for online access since 1993.

Continuation of:

Parliamentary debates (Hansard): official report - National Assembly


Holdings: 1962/63-1970/71

Continuation of:

Proceedings of the National Assembly: official report


Holdings: 1962.

Continuation of:

Proceedings of the Legislative Council: official report


Holdings: 1939-1962

Quarterly economic report - Bank of Uganda

June 1999-

Covers monetary policies, public finance, foreign exchange market, prices, manufacturing, financial institutions' activities and interest rates. Available in full text at the Bank's website. Follow the Publications link off the home page.

State of the Uganda economy


Available in full text at the Bank's web site. Follow the Publications link off the home page.

Statistical abstract - Uganda. Ministry of Economic Affairs. Statistics Branch


Holdings: 1958-1971; 1974


Holdings: 2002-

Statistics on population, land and climate, migration, external trade, transport and communications, agriculture, fishing, forestry, mining, water supplies, prices, cost of living, commerce and industry, banking and currency, public finance, employment and earnings, education and public health. Full text of recent issues are available at the Uganda Bureau of Statistics website.

Statutes - Uganda


Holdings: 1993-1994

Issued as a supplement to the Uganda Gazette. A database of recent Statutes and Acts is in theory available at the Parliament of Uganda web site at

Continuation of:

Decrees - Uganda


Holdings: 1971-73; 1977

Continuation of:

Acts - Uganda


Holdings: 1964-1970

Statutory instruments


Holdings: 2000-

Continuation of:


Holdings: 1964-1977

Issued as supplements to the Uganda Gazette.

Subsidiary legislation


Holdings: 1965-72

Contains statutory instruments and legal notices.

Uganda Bureau of Statistics

The web site of the Uganda Bureau of Statistics at includes a National Statistical Databank which is a collection of official statistics of Uganda. Part of this is available free on the Internet. Tables can be accessed by subject area in Excel or PC-Axis format.

Uganda facts and figures


Holdings: 2003-

Uganda gazette (formerly the Official Gazette of the Uganda Protectorate and the
Uganda Protectorate Official Gazette)


Print holdings:

1908-1967Unbound parts. [Incomplete but good holdings.]
1968-1972Bound volumes
1973-1990Unbound parts. [Very incomplete.]
2000-Bound volumes.

SPR. MIC. B. 25/1

Microfilm: 1900-1962

Regular issues cover general notices. Acts/statutes, Bills, Legal Notices and Statutory Instruments are/have been issued as supplements. These were filed with the main Gazette up to 1942, and Statutory Instruments are again from 2000.

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