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Zambia official publications

Guide to current official publications in the British Library.

Zambia government website:

The Crown took over the administration of the then Territory of Northern Rhodesia in 1924. The country became part of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland in 1953, but seceded in 1963. It gained full independence in October 1964 and changed its name to Zambia.

Zambia is a multi-party democracy with a directly elected president and unicameral National Assembly.

Acts - Zambia


Holdings: 1965-81; 1983-86; 1990

Continuation of:

Ordinances - Northern Rhodesia


Holdings: 1931-40; 1940-64

Issued as supplement to the Republic of Zambia gazette. Both individual acts and bound volumes are shelved here.

The Zambian Parliament website provides the full text of selected Acts.

Annual plan - Zambia. National Commission for Development Planning


Holdings: 1980-1984

Each plan includes macro-economic framework, financing of the plan, sectoral development programmes and targets for production and regional development.

Annual report - Bank of Zambia


Holdings: 1997-

Continuation of:

Report and statement of accounts - Bank of Zambia


Holdings: 1974-1986

Details of the operations and accounts of the Bank for the year, economic report, monetary and financial statistics. The most recent annual report is also available on the Bank's website at, covering exchange rates, interest rates, money supply and prices.

Bills - Zambia

CSD.301/5 (2)

Holdings: 1964-1990

The Zambian Parliament website provides the full text of Bills before Parliament and Bills reports.

Continuation of:

Bills - Northern Rhodesia


Holdings: 1926-35; 1939-64

Budget address by the Minister of Finance - Zambia


Holdings: 1971-1996

The speech of the Finance Minister to the National Assembly. Reviews economic conditions, revenue measures, proposed budget and present policy objectives. The current Budget address and some other budget documents are available on the Southern African Regional Poverty Network website at


1990Volumes are individually catalogued. Please see the Online catalogue for shelfmarks.
1963CSD.323/37 & CSD.305/18 (Census of Africans)
1946CSD.309/5 & CSD.309/2

The census provides information on demographic and socio-economic characteristics and also on households, housing and agricultural activities. There are many tables, figures and some maps.

Development Plans

Holdings: 1947-

These plans are individually catalogued. Please consult the online catalogue for shelfmarks.

Economic Expansion in Outlying Areas Programme annual report


Holdings: 2001-

Economic report - Zambia. Ministry of Finance and National Planning

CSD.305/21 (2)

Holdings: 1965-

The report covers recent developments in world economy, conditions in Zambia in the past year and economic performance by sector and region. Includes tables and graphs.

Continuation of:

Economic report - Northern Rhodesia. Ministry of Finance


Holdings: 1964

Estimates of revenue and expenditure. - Zambia


Holdings: 1965/66-1988/89

Estimates of ongoing and capital expenses, approved budget estimates for each office, ministry and commission and supplementary estimate are given.

Continuation of:

Estimates of revenue and expenditure - Northern Rhodesia


Holdings: 1959/60-1963/64

Continuation of:

Approved estimates of revenue and expenditure - Northern Rhodesia


Holdings: 1950-1958/59

Financial report - Zambia. Ministry of Finance


Holdings: 1963/64-1985.

The financial report includes comparative figures for the completed budget year and the authorised and actual expenditures for each agency. Reports on miscellaneous governmental and non-governmental fund accounts are in appendices.

Continuation of:

Financial report - Northern Rhodesia. Accountant-General's Department


Holdings: 1947-1963

Laws of Zambia

1996 consolidation available on the Parliament of Zambia web site at Follow the "Constitution and Laws" link from the home page.

Continuation of:

Laws of Northern Rhodesia

1930 consolidation CSD.313/2

1948 consolidation CSD.313/4

Monthly digest of statistics - Zambia


Holdings: 1964-1988

Social and economic conditions in Zambia including data for population and migration, agriculture, production, external trade, transport, government accounts, health, money and banking and consumer and wholesale prices are given.

Monthly financial markets review - Bank of Zambia


Available at the Bank's web site at (then follow links from 'Publications').

National accounts statistical bulletin - Zambia. Central Statistical Office


Holdings: No. 8, 1965-2000 (2001)-

National health strategic plan - Ministry of Health


Holdings: 2001/05-

National health strategic plan. Mid term review report - Ministry of Health


Holdings: 2004-

Parliamentary debates - Zambia. National Assembly

The daily debates are available on the Parliament of Zambia web site from November 2001 at http://www.parli a m ent.go v .zm/ (then follow 'Debates and Proceedings' link).

Official verbatim report of the debates - Zambia. National Assembly


Holdings: 1964-73; 1980-87; 1991-1994

Continuation of:

Legislative Council debates - Northern Rhodesia


Holdings: 1945-1963

Public investment programme - Zambia. National Commission for Development Planning

Holdings: 1994/96-1995/97; 2002/04-.

It outlines the mission of the Public Investment Programme to guide the budget allocation of public resources into priority areas like the social sector ministries.

Quarterly financial and statistical review - Bank of Zambia


Holdings: 1980-1987; 2001-

Continuation of:

Quarterly statistical review - Bank of Zambia


Holdings: 1973-1979

The review includes information on money and banking, government finance, trade statistics, prices and production. Each issue has special articles. Also has many statistical tables. More current statistical information can be found on the Bank of Zambia web site at by following the economic statistics link on the home page

Report of the Auditor General on the Accounts for the Financial Year ended ...


Holdings: 2001-

Selected socio-economic indicators - Zambia. Central Statistical Office


Holdings: 2000-

Statutory instruments - Zambia


Holdings: 1964-74; 1975; 1980; 1983-84; 1985-86; 1989-90; 1992.

Continuation of:

Government notices - Northern Rhodesia


Holdings: 1924-36; 1939-52; 1955-1964

Issued as a supplement to the Government gazette

Zambia sexual behaviour survey


Holdings: 2000-

Zambian government gazette

OGN.240 (2)

Holdings: 1964-1995

Regular issues of the gazette contain notices. There is an annual index arranged by subject. Acts, bills and statutory instruments appear in the supplements. A few Acts, bills and statutory instruments have been bound or shelved with the main gazette, but most are not present here.

Continuation of:

Northern Rhodesia government gazette


Holdings: 1911-1964

Zambia Legal Information Institute

The web site provides access to a collection of full text Zambian legal information, including the constitution, rules and selected decisions of the Courts, selected Acts, legal commentary, and a legal directory.


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