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Zimbabwe official publications

Guide to current official publications in the British Library.

Zimbabwe Government web site:

This gives links to government ministries and departments.

The territory which is now Zimbabwe was granted the status of a self-governing colony in 1923 under the name of Southern Rhodesia. In 1953 it joined Northern Rhodesia and Nyasaland to form the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland. When this federation was dissolved on December 31st 1963, Rhodesia reverted to the status of self-governing colony. On 11th December 1965 the white-dominated government under Ian Smith issued a unilateral declaration of independence and remained in power until elections in 1979 and 1980 heralded majority rule and independence as the Republic of Zimbabwe.

The legislature is the unicameral House of Assembly.



Holdings: 1924-1995

Acts for 1926-1936 are bound with the Votes and Proceedings of the Legislative Council.

Annual economic review of Zimbabwe


Holdings: 1981; 1986

Continuation of:

Economic survey of Zimbabwe Rhodesia


Holdings: 1978

Continuation of:

Economic survey of Rhodesia


Holdings: 1965-1967; 1969; 1971-1973; 1975-1977

Continuation of:

Review of the economy of Southern Rhodesia


Holdings: 1960-1963

The review details the socio-economic background including economic recovery, economic reconstruction, international economic setting, macro-economic framework, analysis of major macro-economic issues and short term prospects. There are various tables.

Annual report - Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe


Holdings: 2001-

The report presents monetary policy, economic conditions, statistics and finance of the country. See the Bank's website at for recent annual reports and other publications.



Holdings: 1924-37; 1939-78; 1980-95

Budget estimates - Zimbabwe

Presents annual statement of the government's financial position and the public debt and sets forth tax proposals. Detailed estimates of expenditure are also given. The latest budget estimates are available on the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development website.

Budget statement


Holdings: 1972- [Incomplete.]

The latest budget statement is available on the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development website.

Continuation of

Financial statements


Holdings: 1940-1971 [Incomplete.]

Speech presented by the Minister of Finance to the National Assembly. Reviews the previous year's economic performance and the outcome of the budget and budget proposals for the coming year. The most recent Budget statement, and other financial documents, are also available on the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development website


CSD.358/26Census of European, Asian and coloured population, 1961
CSD.341/6Census of Africans, 1962 (Final report)
CSD.610/20Census of Africans, 1962 (Preliminary report)
OPE.2005.x.992002 (Preliminary report)

Development plan

CSD.354/41957-1961. Southern Rhodesia development plan 1957-1961
CSD.354/191965. National development plan
CSD.360/921982/83-1984/85. Zimbabwe transitional national development plan. Vol.1

Includes overall economic development projected for next five years, sectoral development, and provincial development strategies. There is a statistical appendix at the end of the plan.

Education statistics report


Holdings: 2001-

Estimates of expenditure ...


Holdings: 1926/1927-1990

Expenditure of government departments is given in tabular form.

Parliamentary debates: official report (unrevised) - House of Assembly


Holdings: 1973-1988 [Incomplete.]

Parliamentary debates - Senate

CSD.331/20 1970/71-1972/73. Bound volumes.

CSD.331/20(2) 1981-1988 [Incomplete.]

Parliamentary debates - House of Assembly


Holdings: 1970/71-1979. Bound volumes to 1973; then unbound parts.

Continuation of:

Parliamentary debates


Holdings: 1966-1969/70

Continuation of:

Debates - Legislative Assembly


Holdings: 1926-1965

Quarterly digest of statistics


Holdings: June 1984-Sept. 1985

Continuation of:

Monthly digest of statistics


Holdings: 1964-Mar. 1983.

The digest contains tables on migration, crime, consumer prices, agriculture, mining, construction, retail trade and banking.

Report of the Comptroller and Auditor-General


Holdings: 1949/50-1987

Covers finance accounts, revenue statements, appropriation accounts and accounts of miscellaneous funds.

Continuation of:

Report of the Auditor General


Holdings: 1930-1948/49

Statement of external trade


Holdings: 1966-1983

Continuation of:

Annual statement of external trade


Holdings: 1964-1965

Detailed statistics of Zimbabwe's external trade are presented, including a summary table and derived indices, explanatory notes, abbreviations and symbols.

Statistical yearbook of Zimbabwe


Holdings: 1987; 1997

Statistical data on most aspects of the economy and social conditions in Zimbabwe including climate, population, health care and social welfare, employment and earnings, education, crime, accidents, national income and expenditure, trade, banking, finance and tourism.

The Statute law of Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe)


Holdings: 1898-1968

Contains acts of Parliament.

Statutory instruments

CSD.321/2 1992-95

OGS.280(2) 1979-87; 1992. Unbound parts. [Incomplete but good holdings 1979-1986. Poor holdings for 1987 and 1992.]

Continuation of:

Government notices

OGS.280(2). Bound volumes.

Holdings: 1951-79

Issued as supplements to the government gazette.

Votes and Proceedings - House of Assembly


Holdings: 12th Parliament, 1st , 4th-5th Sessions (1970-1973/74)

Continuation of:

Votes and proceedings - Parliament of Rhodesia


Holdings: 11th Parliament, 1st-5th Sessions (1965-1970)

Continuation of:

Votes and proceedings - Legislative Assembly


Holdings: 1926-1965

Record of what was done in the House, as opposed to the debates.

Zimbabwean government gazette


Holdings: 1982-1995. Unbound parts. [Incomplete but good holdings for 1982-1993; poor for 1994-1995.]

Continuation of:

Zimbabwe government gazette


Holdings: 1980-82. Unbound parts. [Incomplete but good holdings.]

Continuation of:

Rhodesia government gazette


Holdings: 1965-75. Bound volumes

1976-79. Unbound parts. [Incomplete but good holdings.]

Continuation of:

Southern Rhodesia Government gazette


Holdings: 1951-64. Bound volumes.

Continuation of:

Colony of Southern Rhodesia government gazette


Holdings: 1923-50. Bound volumes.

Continuation of:

British South Africa Company government gazette


Holdings: 1905-23. Mainly bound volumes.

Regular issues contain general notices. Acts, bills and statutory instruments appear in supplements. There are annual subject indexes.

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