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Canadian studies

This is a list for researchers in Canadian studies, concentrating on bibliographies and other finding aids. Other useful works may be found in British and American authors (Humanities reader guide no. 2). Most of the books listed are available on open access in the Reading Rooms. Much relevant material will also be found in the online catalogue. The works listed are arranged by subject and then alphabetically within each section. At the end of the guide a number of resources outside the British Library, including internet sites, are listed. The shelfmark of each item is given at the end of every citation: the shelfmark prefix indicates the Reading Room in which the item can be located as outlined below, other shelfmarks are for items that have to be ordered via the on-line catalogue. Electronic resources can be accessed in the Electronic Resources Rooms in both Humanities - Floor 1 and 2.

Architecture | General bibliographies | Art | Government publications | Biography | History | Canadian Copyright Collection | Law | Dictionaries and encyclopedias | Literature | Directories | Music | Early Canadiana | Newspapers | Genealogy | Periodicals

Resources outside the British Library

Art and Architecture

Contemporary architects. Editor Muriel Emanuel. 3rd ed. New York: St James, 1994.


Contemporary art and artists, an index to reproductions. Compiled by Pamela Jeffcott Parry. Westport; London: Greenwood, 1978.


Contemporary artists. Editor Joann Cerrito. 4th ed. Detroit: St James, 1996.


The dictionary of art. Editor Jane Turner. 34 vols. New York: Grove; London: Macmillan, 1996.


Also available online as Grove art, onsite only.

Encyclopedia of world art. 15 vols. New York: McGraw - Hill, [1959 - 1968].


International dictionary of architects and architecture. Editor Randall J. Van Vynckt. 2 vols. Detroit; London: St James, 1993.


The Oxford companion to art. Edited by Harold Osborne. Oxford: Clarendon, 1987.



Biographical dictionary of North American and European educationists. Peter Gordon and Robert Aldrich. London: Woburn Press, 1997.


Biography catalogue of the Library of the Royal Commonwealth Society. By Donald H. Simpson. London: The Society, 1961.


The Canadian who's who. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, [latest ed.].


Dictionary of Canadian biography. Toronto: University of Toronto Press; Oxford: Oxford University Press, [1966- ].


Havlice, Patricia Pate. Index to artistic biography. 3 vols. Metuchen; London: Scarecrow, 1973, 1981.


The Macmillan dictionary of Canadian biography. Edited by W. Stewart Wallace, 4th ed. rev., enl. and updated by W. A. McKay. Toronto: Macmillan of Canada, [1978].


Stubbs, William. Registrum sacrum Anglicanum...2nd ed., with an appendix of Indian, colonial , and missionary consecrations collected and arranged by E.E. Holmes. Oxford: Clarendon, 1897.


Who was who among North American authors, 1921-1939. 2 vols. Detroit: Gale, 1976.


Who's who in Canada. Toronto: Global Press, [latest ed.].


Who's who in writers, editors & poets, United States and Canada. Highland Park, Ill.: December Press, [latest ed.].


Canadian Copyright Collection

A checklist of Canadian copyright deposits in the British Museum 1895 - 1923. Edited by John R.T. Ettlinger and Patrick B. O'Neill. Halifax, Nova Scotia: Dalhousie University School of Library Service, 1984 -.


[The checklists cover maps, insurance plans, directories, sheet music and photographs; maps and insurance plans are held by the Map Library, and sheet music by the Music Library; photographs are shelved at HS.85/10].

Dictionaries and encyclopedias

The Canadian encyclopedia. 2nd. ed. 4 vols. Edmonton: Hurtig, 1988.


Canadian Oxford dictionary. Edited by Katherine Barber. Toronto: OUP, 1998.


Colombo, John Robert. Colombo's Canadian references. Toronto; London: Oxford University Press, 1976.


The dictionary of Canadian quotations and phrases [compiled by] Robert M. Hamilton and Dorothy Shields. Rev. and enl. ed. Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1979.


A dictionary of Canadianisms on historical principles ( Dictionary of Canadian English). Toronto: W. J. Gage, 1967.


Dictionary of Newfoundland English. Edited by G. M. Story, W. J. Kirwin, J. D. A. Widdowson. Toronto; London: University of Toronto Press, 1982.


Dictionnaire général de la langue française au Canada. Compilé, edité et imprimé par L. - A. Belisle. Québec: Belisle, Éditeur, 1957.


Encyclopedia Canadiana. 10 vols. Ottawa: Canadiana Co., [1957, 58].


Illustrated dictionary of place names, United States and Canada. Edited by Kelsie B. Harder. New York; London: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1976.



Bloomfield, Valerie. Resources for Canadian studies in Britain with some reference to Europe. 2nd ed. London: British Association for Canadian Studies, 1983.


The book trade of the world: vol. 2 , the Americas, Australia, New Zealand. Edited by Sigfred Taubert. Wiesbaden: Verlag für Buchmarkt - Forschung; London: Deutsch, 1976.


CLA directory. Ottawa: Canadian Library Association, [latest ed.].


Canadian Almanac & Directory. Toronto: Copp Clark Professional, [latest ed.] .


Commonwealth universities yearbook. London: Association of Commonwealth Universities, [latest ed.].


Directory of Associations in Canada. 6th ed. Toronto: Micromedia, 1985.


Information in Canada, a directory of electronic and support resources. Edited by Jacqueline Halupka. Ottawa: Canadian Library Association, 1996.


The national faculty directory, an alphabetical list, with addresses, of about 650,000 members of teaching faculties at junior colleges, colleges, and universities in the United States and at selected Canadian institutions. Detroit; London: Gale, [latest ed.].


The official directory of Canadian museums and related institutions. Ottawa: Canadian Museums Association, [latest ed.].


Subject collections, a guide to special book collections and subject emphases as reported by university, college, public and special libraries and museums in the United States and Canada. Compiled by Lee Ash and William G. Miller, et al. 7th ed. , rev. and enl. 2 vols. New Providence: Bowker, 1993.


USA and Canada. London: Europa, [latest ed.].


The visual resources directory, art slide and photographic collections in the United States and Canada. Editor Carla Conrad Freeman, Canadian editor Barbara Stevenson. Englewood, Colo.: Libraries Unlimited, 1995.


Early Canadiana

Pre - 1900 Canadiana microfiche edition. Ottawa: Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions, 1981 -.

RAR094. 30971

[The microfiches of this collection, some 50,000+ titles, are at Mic.F.232; each title has been catalogued individually and may be found on the online catalogue (1975 -)];

Early Canadiana online


A bibliography of ship passenger lists, 1538-1825. Being a guide to published lists of early immigrants to North America. Compiled by H. Lancour. 3rd ed., rev. and enl. by R.J. Wolfe. New York: New York Public Library, 1963.


Burke, Sir John Bernard. A genealogical and heraldic history of the colonial gentry. 2 vols. London: Harrison, 1891.


Burke, Sir John Bernard. A genealogical history of the dormant, abeyant, forfeited and extinct peerages of the British Empire. New ed., repr. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co.,1978.


Dobson, David. Directory of Scottish settlers in North America, 1625-1825. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1984 -.


Helpful resources for Canadian genealogical research. Toronto: Metropolitan Toronto Reference Library, 1992.

HLR Enquiry Desk 929.371

Passenger and immigration lists bibliography, 1538-1900, being a guide to published lists of arrivals in the United States and Canada. By P. William Filby. 2nd ed. Detroit: Gale, 1988.


Passenger and immigration lists index, a guide to published arrival records of about 500,000 passengers who came to the United States and Canada in the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Edited by P. William Filby, with Mary K. Meyer. 3 vols. with supplements. Detroit: Gale, [1981] -.


Was your grandfather a railwayman? a directory of records relating to staff employed by railways in the following countries with details of material and repositories: United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Eire, India, New Zealand, South Africa, United States of America. Compiled by Tom Richards. 3rd ed. Birmingham: Tom Richards and the Federation of Family History Societies, 1995.

HLR Enquiry Desk 929.3088 (P).

General bibliographies

Barbeau, Victor et Fortier, André. Dictionnaire bibliographique du Canada français. Montreal: Académie canadienne - française, 1974.


Bibliography of Canadian bibliographies. (Bibliographie des bibliographies canadiennes). Compiled by Douglas Lochhead. 2nd ed. rev. and enl. Toronto: University of Toronto Press in association with the Bibliographical Society of Canada, 1972.


A bibliography of Canadiana. Being items in the Public Library of Toronto...relating to the early history and development of Canada. Edited by Frances M. Staton and Marie Tremaine, etc.

Toronto: Metropolitan Toronto Library, 1965. [A reissue of the edition of 1934].


- First supplement. Edited by Gertrude M. Boyle assisted by Marjorie Colbeck, etc. Toronto: Metropolitan Toronto Library, 1959.


- Second supplement. Edited by Sandra Alston assisted by Karen Evans. 4 vols. Toronto: Metropolitan Toronto Library Board, 1985 -1989.


A bibliography of Loyalist source material in the United States, Canada and Great Britain. Edited by Gregory Palmer. Westport; London: Meckler, in association with the American Antiquarian Society, 1982.


Canadian books in print.( 2 vols: Author and title index; Subject index). Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1968- [Latest edition; earlier editions at shelfmark P901/961].


Also available on CD-ROM as part of Global books in print.

Canadian reference sources, an annotated bibliography, general reference works, history, humanities. Mary E. Bond, compiler and editor. Vancouver: UBC in co-operation with the National Library of Canada and the Canada Communication Group, 1996.


Echeverria, Durand & Wilkie, Everett C. Jr. The French image of America, a chronological and subject bibliography of French books printed before 1816 relating to the British North American colonies and the United States. Metuchen; London: Scarecrow, 1994.


French Quebec, imprints in French from Quebec, 1764-1990, in the British Library. A catalogue compiled, with an introduction, by D. J. McTernan. London: British Library, 1992-1993.


Gagnon, Alain-G. Quebec. Oxford: Clio, 1998.


Gagnon, Phileas. Essai de bibliographie canadienne. Inventaire d'un bibliothèque comprenant imprimes, manuscrits, estampes, etc. relatif a l'histoire du Canada et du pays adjacents, avec des notes bibliographiques. 2 vols. Quebec, Montreal, 1895,1913.


Indians of the United States and Canada. Dwight L. Smith, editor. 2 vols. Santa Barbara; Oxford: Clio, 1974, 1983.


Ingles, Ernest. Canada. (World bibliographical series, vol. 62). Oxford: Clio, 1990.


King, H. G. R. The Arctic. (World bibliographical series, vol. 99). Oxford: Clio, 1989.


The manuscript catalogue of the library of the Royal Commonwealth Society. Edited by Donald H. Simpson. London: Mansell, 1975.


Manuscripts and government records in the United Kingdom and Ireland relating to Canada. Anita Burdett, Bruce G. Wilson compilers. Ottawa: National Archives of Canada, 1992.


Simmons, R. C. British imprints relating to North America, 1621 - 1760, an annotated checklist. London: British Library, 1996.


Stevens, Henry. Catalogue of the American books in the Library of the British Museum at Christmas, MDCCCLVI. (Catalogue of the Canadian and other British North American books, etc. - Catalogue of the Mexican and other Spanish American and West Indian books, etc. - Catalogue of the American maps in the Library of the British Museum, etc.). London: C. Whittingham, 1866.


Subject catalogue of the Library of the Royal Empire Evans Lewin. 4 vols. London: The Society, 1930 - 1937.


Subject catalogue of the Royal Commonwealth Society, London. 7 vols. Boston: G.K. Hall, 1971.


- First supplement. 2 vols. Boston, G.K. Hall, 1977.


Thibault, Claude. Bibliographia Canadiana. Don Mills: Longman Canada, [1973].


Tremaine, Marie. A bibliography of Canadian imprints, 1751 - 1800. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1952.


Government publications

Acts of the Privy Council. Colonial series. 6 vols. Hereford: Public Record Office, 1908 - 1912.

HLR941 (RS 174)

Alphabetical index and numerical list of the sessional papers of the Parliament of Canada. [Toronto; Ottawa, 1868 - 1925].


Bishop, Olga B. Canadian official publications. (Guides to official publications, vol. 9). Oxford: Pergamon, 1981.


Calendar of state papers. Colonial series. London, 1860 -.

HLR941 (RS 143)

Canada: a portrait; the environment, the people, the society, the economy. Ottawa: Statistics Canada, 1991.


Canada year book. Ottawa: Statistics Canada, [latest ed.].


Catalogue of census returns on microfilm, 1666 - 1891. Thomas A. Hillman. [Ottawa]: Public Archives Canada, 1987


General index to the journals of the House of Commons of the Dominion of Canada and of the sessional papers of Parliament, from 1867 to 1876 (1877-1890), inclusive, by William C. Bowles ( 1891-1903, by D. McGillicuddy; 1904 -1915, by Edwin Crowell; 1916 - 1930, by C.W. Boyce.) Ottawa, 1880 - 1932.


Government of Canada publications. Ottawa: Canada Communication Group, 1973 -.


(For publications after January 1993 the Catalogue of government publications may be searched on the internet).

Government of Canada publications outline of classification. 4th ed. updated to late 1983. Ottawa: Canadian Government Publishing Centre, 1984.


Guide to Canadian ministries since Confederation, July 1, 1867 - April 1, 1973. Ottawa: Public Archives of Canada, 1974.


Guide to the reports of the Public Archives of Canada, 1892 - 1972, by Françoise Caron - Houle. Ottawa: Public Archives of Canada, 1975.


Hardisty, Pamela. Publications of the Canadian Parliament, a detailed guide to the dual - media edition of Canadian parliamentary proceedings and sessional papers, 1841 - 1970.
Washington, D.C.: United States Historical Document Institute, 1974.


Henderson, George Fletcher. Federal royal commissions in Canada, 1867 - 1967, a checklist. [Toronto]: University of Toronto Press, [1967].


Historical catalogue of Statistics Canada publications 1918 - 1980. Ottawa: [Supply and Services Canada], 1982.


Historical statistics of Canada. F.H. Leacy, editor. 2nd ed. Ottawa: Statistics Canada, 1983.


Index to British parliamentary papers on Canada and Canadian boundaries 1800 - 1899. Dublin: Irish University Press, 1974.


Info source, guide to sources of federal government information. Ottawa: Treasury Board Secretariat, Administrative Policy Branch, [latest ed.].


Microlog: Canadian research index. Toronto: Micromedia, 1979 -. [supersedes Publicat].


Pross, Catherine A. Guide to the identification and acquisition of Canadian government publications, provinces and territories. 2nd ed. London: Vine, 1983.


Provincial royal commissions and commissions of inquiry, 1867 - 1982, a selective bibliography. Compiled by Lise Maillet. Ottawa: National Library of Canada, 1986.


Publicat index : a Canadian federal documents service. Toronto: Micromedia, 1977 - 1978.


Publications of the government of the Province of Canada, 1841 - 1867. By Olga Berenice Bishop. Ottawa: National Library of Canada, 1963.


Publications of the governments of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, 1758 - 1952. By Olga Berenice Bishop. Ottawa: National Library of Canada, 1957.
Publications of the governments of the North - West Territories, 1876 - 1905, and the province of Saskatchewan, 1905 - 1952. Compiled by Christine MacDonald. Regina: Legislative Library, 1952.


Rosenberg. Jerry M. Encyclopedia of the North American Free Trade Agreement, the New American Community, and Latin - American trade. Westport; London : Greenwood Press, 1995.


Royal commissions and commissions of inquiry under the "Public Inquiries Act" in British Columbia, 1872 - 1942 : a checklist. By Marjorie C. Holmes. Victoria: Charles F. Banfield, 1945.


Statistics Canada catalogue 1987 - 1988. [Ottawa]: Statistics Canada, [1988] (Used as a finding aid to Census of Canada 1981, etc. vols.).



Ancient North Americans. Edited by Jesse D. Jennings. San Francisco: Freeman, 1978.


Benians, Ernest Alfred. "Canada" in The Cambridge modern history, vol. 10. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1907.


Bradley, Arthur Granville. "The conquest of Canada, 1744 - 1761" in The Cambridge modern history, vol. 7. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1903.


The Cambridge history of the British Empire, vol. 6, Canada and Newfoundland. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1930.


The Cambridge history of the native peoples of the Americas, vol. 1, North America. 2 pts. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1997.


A catalogue of books relating to the discovery and early history of North and South America, forming a part of the library of E. D. Church. Compiled and annotated by George Martin Cole.
5 vols. New York: Dodd, Mead, 1907.


Dumond, Don E. The Eskimos and the Aleuts. London: Thames & Hudson, 1987.

HLR930 (AP 87)

Frewer, Louis B. Bibliography of historical writings published in Great Britain and the Empire, 1940 - 45. Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 1947.


Handy, Robert T. A history of the churches in the United States and Canada. Oxford: Clarendon, 1976.


List of Colonial Office Confidential Print to 1916. London: Public Record Office, 1965.


Marlatt, Daphne. Steveston recollected, a Japanese - Canadian history.
Victoria: Provincial Archives of British Columbia, 1975.


The Oxford companion to Canadian history and literature. By Norah Story. Toronto: Oxford University Press, 1967.


- Supplement. General editor: William Toye. Toronto: Oxford University Press, 1973.


The Oxford history of the British Empire. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1998 -.


Perkins, Roger. Regiments of the Empire, a bibliography of their published histories. Newton Abbot: [The Author], 1989.


Private papers of British colonial governors 1782 - 1900. London: HMSO, 1986.


Pugh, R.B. The records of the Colonial and Dominion Offices. London: Public Record Office, 1964

HLR 909.09712

Quinn, David B. North America from earliest discovery to first settlements: the Norse voyages to 1612. New York; London: Harper & Row, 1977.


Reid, Stuart Johnson. "Great Britain and her colonies...the Federation of Canada" in The Cambridge modern history, vol.11. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1909.



Canadian and British - American colonial law, from earliest times to December, 1956. Compiled by C.R. Brown, P.A. Maxwell and L.F. Maxwell. (A legal bibliography of the British Commonwealth of Nations, vol. 3). London: Sweet & Maxwell, 1957.


Library of Congress classification. Class K, subclass KE. Law of Canada. Washington: Library of Congress, [latest ed.].



Alston, R.C. A checklist of women writers 1801 - 1900: fiction - verse - drama. London: British Library, 1990.


Cambridge guide to fiction in English. [Edited by] Lorna Sage. Cambridge: CUP, 1998.


The Cambridge guide to literature in English. [Edited by] Ian Ousby. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1993.

HLR Enquiry Desk 820.9

The Cambridge guide to women's writing in English. [Edited by] Lorna Sage. Cambridge: CUP, 1999.


Canadian writers before 1890. Edited by William H. New. (Dictionary of literary biography, vol. 99). Detroit: Gale, 1990.


Also available online via Literature resource center, onsite only.

Canadian writers 1890 - 1920. Edited by William H. New. (Dictionary of literary biography, vol. 92). Detroit: Gale, 1990.


Also available online via Literature resource cenetr, onsite only.

Canadian writers 1920 - 1959, first series. Edited by William H. New. (Dictionary of literary biography, vol. 68). Detroit: Gale, 1988.


Also available online via Literature resource center, onsite only.

Canadian writers 1920 - 1959, second series. Ediled by William H. New. (Dictionary of literary biography, vol. 88). Detroit: Gale, 1989.


Also available online via Literature resource center, onsite only.

Canadian writers since 1960, first series. Edited by William H. New. (Dictionary of literary biography, vol. 53). Detroit: Gale, 1986.


Also available online via Literature resource center, onsite only.

Canadian writers since 1960, second series. Edited by William H. New. (Dictionary of literary biography, vol. 60). Detroit: Gale, 1987.


Also available online via Literature resource center, onsite only.

Drolet, Antonio. Bibliographie du roman canadien - française, 1900 - 1950. Québec: Les Presses Universitaires de Laval, 1955.


Encyclopedia of post - colonial literatures in English. Edited by Eugene Benson and L.W. Connolly. London: Routledge, 1994.


Encyclopedia of the novel. Editor Paul Schellinger. 2 vols. Chicago: Fitzroy Dearborn, 1998.


Encyclopaedia of world literature in the 20th century. Edited by Steven R. Serafin. 3rd ed. 4vols. Farmington Hills, St James Press, 1999.


Hirschfelder, Arlene B. American Indian and Eskimo authors, a comprehensive bibliography. New York: Association on American Indian Affairs, [1973].


Literary history of Canada, Canadian literature in English. General editor, Carl F. Klinck. 2nd ed. 3 vols. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1977.


Londré F. H. and Watermeier, D. J. The history of North American theater. New York: Continuum, 1998.


The Oxford companion to Canadian history and literature. By Norah Story. Toronto: Oxford University Press, 1967.


- Supplement. General editor: William Toye. Toronto: Oxford University Press, 1973.


The Oxford companion to Canadian literature. General editor, William Toye. Toronto; Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1983.


The Oxford companion to Canadian theatre. Edited by Eugene Benson and L.W. Connolly. Toronto; Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1989.


The Oxford companion to English literature. Edited by Margaret Drabble. Rev. ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1998.

HLR Enquiry Desk 820.9

The Oxford companion to twentieth - century literature in English. Edited by Jenny Stringer. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1996.


The Oxford companion to twentieth - century poetry in English. Edited by Ian Hamilton. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1994.


Reader's guide to literature in English. Editor Mark Hawkins - Dady. London: Fitzroy Dearborn, 1996.


Reference guide to English literature. Editor D.L. Kirkpatrick. 2nd ed. 3 vols. Chicago; London: St. James, 1991.


Tougas, Gérard. A checklist of materials relating to French - Canadian literature, 1763 - 1968. 2nd ed. Vancouver: University of British Columbia Library, 1973.


Twentieth-century literary criticism. Vol 1- Detroit: Gale, 1978-.


Also available online via Literature resource centee, onsite only.

Watters, Reginald Eyre. A checklist of Canadian literature and background materials 1628 - 1950. 2nd ed., rev. and enl. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1972.



Bondesen, Poul. North American bird songs, a world of music. Klampenborg: Scandinavian Science Press, 1977.


Calderisi, Maria. Music publishing in the Canadas 1800 - 1867. Ottawa: National Library of Canada, 1981.


Collaer, Paul. Amerika. Eskimo und indianische Bevölkerung. (Musikethnologie). (Musikgeschichte in Bildern. Bd. 1 Lfg. 2). Leipzig: Deutscher Verlag für Musik, [1967].


Encyclopedia of music in Canada. 2nd ed. Toronto; London: University of Toronto Press, 1992.


Haywood, Charles. A bibliography of North American folklore and folksong. 2nd rev. ed. New York: Dover, [ca. 1970].

HLR398. 097

Litchfield, Jack. The Canadian jazz discography 1916 - 1980. Toronto; London: University of Toronto Press, 1982.


Miller, Mark. Jazz in Canada, fourteen lives. Toronto; London: University of Toronto Press, 1982.


Moogk, Edward B. Roll back the years. History of Canadian recorded sound and its legacy; Genesis to 1930. Ottawa: National Library of Canada, 1975.


Musicians in Canada, a bio - bibliographical finding list. Edited by Kathleen M. Toomey & Stephen C. Willis. Ottawa: Canadian Association of Music Libraries, 1981.


Native North American music and oral data, a catalogue of sound recordings 1893 - 1976. [Compiled by] Dorothy Sara Lee. Bloomington; London: Indiana University Press, 1979.


A regional discography of Newfoundland and Labrador 1904 - 1972. Compiled, with an introduction by Michael Taft. St. John's: Memorial University of Newfoundland Folklore and Language Archive, 1975.


Periodicals and newspapers

Canadian serials directory. [Edited by] Martha Pluscauskas. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1976.


Historical periodicals directory, vol. 1, USA and Canada. Marie S. Ensign, editor. Santa Barbara; Oxford: ABC - Clio, 1981.


The standard periodicals to United States and Canadian periodicals. [New York]: Oxbridge, [latest ed.].


Union list of serials in libraries in the United States and Canada. Edited by Edna Brown Titus. 3rd ed. 5 vols. New York: H.W. Wilson, 1965.


United States and Canadian holdings in the British Library Newspaper Library. By Jean Kemble and Pam Das. [London]: Eccles Centre for American Studies, British Library, 1996.

HUR Enquiry Desk 011.350973

Resources outside The British Library

Association for Canadian Studies/Association d'études canadiennes
P.O. Box 8888, Station Centre-Ville, Montréal (Québec), Canada H3C 3P8

Association for Canadian Studies in Ireland
Centre for Canadian Studies, Queen's University of Belfast, Belfast BT7 1NN

British Association for Canadian Studies
BACS, 21 George Square, Edinburgh EH8 9LD
Administrative Secretary, Jodie Robson.

International Council for Canadian Studies
Alain Guimont, Executive Director, 325 Dalhousie, Suite 800, Ottawa, Ontario K1N 7G2
The internet site has links to several other Canadian studies websites world-wide.

Other useful internet addresses