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Caribbean: Patents and Trade Marks

Within our collections are patent and trade mark materials for the Caribbean region. Coverage varies and consists of the actual patent specifications (some printed and some manuscript) for several British ex-colonies and lists or summaries of patents, plus depictions of trade marks. These rights were mostly given to foreigners but sometimes were awarded to local residents. Materials include, for example, labels of Cuban rum and cigar brands, and inventions relating to sugar cane that were patented in Barbados.

List of West Indian patent and trade mark materials

Bahamas Lists of patents, 1889-1967; Patent and trade mark extracts from gazette, 1909-89

Barbados Patent specifications, 1874-1964; Trade marks, 1896-1970

Belize/ British Honduras Patent notices, 1923-72; Trade mark notices, 1923-72; Patent and trade mark extracts from gazette, 1923 to date

Bermuda Patent specifications, 1904-60; Patent lists, 1955-75; Trade mark lists, 1922-73

British Guiana/ Guyana Patent lists, 1861-1966; Trade mark lists, 1925-66

Cuba Official bulletin of patents and trade marks, 1907 to date

Dominican Republic Patent and trade mark extracts, 1937-38; Government gazette, 1952-59

Grenada Patent specifications, 1877-1946

Haiti Le Moniteur, 1940-41 (includes trade mark material)

Jamaica Lists of patents, 1736-1976; trade mark extracts from government gazette, 1918-69; patent and trademark extracts from government gazette, 1970-87

Leeward Islands Patent lists, 1876-1910, 1927-47; Trade mark lists, 1929-47; Government gazette, 1927-35

Netherlands Antilles Patent specifications, 1963-74 [but only three are held]

St Lucia Patent specifications, 1911-37; Trade marks, 1918-56

St Vincent Patent specifications, 1882-1930

Surinam Trade marks, 1906-69

Trinidad Patent specifications, 1887-1977; Patent summaries, 1895-1978, 1984



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