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Political & Secret records from Chinese Turkestan

The records from Chinese Turkestan are to be found in the following series:

  • L/PS/7: Political and Secret Correspondence with India 1875-1911. Contains periodic reports or fortnightly diaries of the Political Resident at Kashgar. Copies may be found also in L/PS/18: Political and Secret Memoranda, c.1840-1947. The periodic reports and correspondence continued in the series of:
  • L/PS/10: Political and Secret Subject Files, 1902-31
  • L/PS/11: Political and Secret Annual Files, 1912-30
  • L/PS/12: Political External Files and Collections, 1931-50
  • L/PS/18: Political and Secret Memoranda, c.1840-1947. From the 1860s onwards, memoranda were being prepared within the Political and Secret Department of the India Office - even if on a fairly ad hoc basis - as a means of providing the Permanent Under-Secretary, the Secretary of State and the Council with background information on the diplomatic and political issues of the day. From the 1870s, it was the practice of the authors of memoranda to submit their own views on the subject of the papers at hand.
  • L/PS/20: Political and Secret Department Library. Include reference material such as military reports, route surveys, gazetteers, as well as histories of Central Asian khanates, translations of Russian news abstracts, and Foreign Office confidential prints, etc.
Notes on Tashkent railway

Notes on Tashkent railway prepared by British Consul at Kashgar G. Macartney, 1908. [IOR: L/PS/20/A98]