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Botany in British India Material

The files listed below are from the India Office Records. They cover the following topics: botanical gardens; botanical collecting; useful plants (economic and medicinal). The material testifies to the pioneering work of surgeon-naturalists, who expended much energy in making British India a vital part in a larger process: the transmission of plants and scientific techniques and ideas around the globe.

Selected Digitised Material

With summary descriptions. Fuller descriptions accompany the digitised images.

In Order of Reference:

F ­­– Board of Control Records

H – Home Miscellaneous

  • ‘A botanical history of the (paat and dooncha) hemp and flax plants of Bengal, with the mode of cultivation and manufacture’ by William Roxburgh. 1794. IOR/H/375_pp_243-61
  • Clove, nutmeg and ‘all other valuable plants of the Moluccas’ collected at the Spice Islands by C. Smith and shipped to British possessions in India. 1798. IOR/H/375_pp_473-546
  • Robert Kyd: papers including his proposal to establish a botanical garden at Calcutta. 1786-1788. IOR/H/799

L ­– Departmental Collections

P – Proceedings and Consultations

V - Official publications

  • Report on the teak forests of the Tenasserim Provinces. 1852 IOR/V/23/92 no 9
  • Report on the working of the botanical gardens at Seharunpore [Saharanpur]. 1861 IOR/V/23/121 Pt 37 Art 4
  • Madras. Government Botanic Gardens and Parks: Administration report. 1854-60 IOR/V/24/1688
  • Forest Department, Madras: Administration reports. 1860-70 IOR/V/24/1281
  • H. H. Spry. Cultivation of useful and ornamental plants. 1841 IOR/V/27/570/1
  • Hugh Cleghorn, Memorandum upon the pauchontee or Indian gutta tree of the western coast. 1858. IOR/V/27/626/5
  • Growth of Cotton in India by J Forbes Watson. 1859 IOR/V/27/631/1
  • Silk of Assam. 1890 IOR/V/27/632/12

All Digitised Material