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India Office Records: A/1-2: East India Company Charters, Deeds, Statutes and Treaties c1550-c1950

This is one of a series of pages giving brief descriptions and summary lists of documents in India Office Records classes.

Brief Description

Original charters, proclamations, royal warrants, commissions, memorials, and other formal documents, relating mainly to the East India Company's rights and privileges; also volumes containing printed or manuscript copies of charters and statutes affecting the East India Company.

Summary list of records

A/1/1-111 'Parchment Records' 1600-1936

This series was originally kept separate because of the unusual size and shape of the documents. It acquired the informal title 'Parchment Records' for the same reason, though it also includes paper copies of documents.

A/1/1-68 Letters patent, royal letters and grants 1600-1825

A/1/69-71 Subscription rolls 1698

A/1/72-73 Papers relating to Warren Hastings 1796

A/1/74-75 Decrees in Chancery 1689-1691
Decrees in two civil law cases in which the East India Company was defendant.

A/1/76-77 Grants of arms 1698, 1807
Grants to the English Company (the 'New' East India Company) in 1698, and to East India College, Haileybury, in 1807.

A/1/78-79 Letters of administration 1730-1731
The administration of the estate of a Company factor, deceased in Anjengo.

A/1/80-82 Letters of marque 1708-1747
Licences to three East India Company ships as privateers in time of war.

A/1/83-86 Royal commissions to ships 1732-1758
Commissions to four East India Company ships' captains to seize pirates.

A/1/87-96 Petitions and addresses to Queen Victoria 1857-c1875

A/1/97-100 Petitions to Government of India 1850-c1900

A/1/101-103 Madras Civil Fund agreements 1800-1874

A/1/104-111 Miscellaneous 1633-1787, 1921, 1936

The new [1995] descriptive list of this series extends and supersedes the listing in List of General Records 1599-1879 Preserved in the Record Department of the India Office, London (London, 1902), pp. 78-82. Title deeds to East India Company buildings and land are no longer included in this series, but have been transferred to Legal Adviser's Records series L/L/2. There is no index to the A/1 series: information about particular documents is to be found through the descriptions in the list entries themselves.

A/2/1-28 Charters and Treaties c1600-1851

A/2/1-24 Charters c1600-1817, 1833, 1842
Papers relating to renewals of the East India Company charter in 1784 and 1813, with later printed collections. Included in this series are some working papers of Henry Dundas, President of the Board of Commissioners for the Affairs of India 1793-1801.

A/2/25-28 Treaties 1774-1851
Printed collections of treaties entered into by the East India Company.

The new [1995] descriptive list of this series supersedes the listing in List of General Records, pp. 76-78. Fifteen volumes have been transferred from the Treaties series to Home Miscellaneous Series H/628-642. There is no index to the A/2 series: information about particular documents is to be found through the descriptions in the list entries themselves.

How to consult documents in these series

Researchers may consult documents in the India Office Records by using the services and facilities of the Asian & African Studies Reading Room. A full descriptive list of documents in series A/1-2 is shelved in the Reading Room. Requests to see documents should bear reference numbers from that list.


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